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A FAST drop-in replacement for the conda command-line utility, in C++,
Python C++ C
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mamba, an experiment to make conda faster

Still in BETA! Don't use mamba to install something in valuable environments!

Mamba is a reimplementation of the bits which are somewhat slow in conda. Mamba uses:

  • parallel downloading of JSON files using multiprocessing, and reusing conda's caches
  • libsolv for speedy dependency solving, a state of the art library used in the package manager of Fedora and others

At the same time, mamba re-uses a lot of conda's codebase to parse the command line and execute the transaction (installation & deinstallation of packages).


From conda-forge:

conda install mamba -c conda-forge

From Source:

Make sure to have the following requirements in your conda environment:

  • conda install pybind11 libsolv pip

For a local (dev) build, run pip install -e .. This will build and install mamba in the conda environment.

Now you are ready to install packages with mamba install xtensor-r -c conda-forge for example.

Support us

If you want to stay up to date with Mamba development, follow @wuoulf on Twitter. For questions, you can also join us on QuantStack Chat or on the conda channel (note that this project is not officially affiliated with conda or Anaconda Inc.).

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