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Cookiecutter for a Python project making use of xtensor
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A cookiecutter template for creating a custom Python extension with xtensor

What is xtensor-python-cookiecutter?

xtensor-python-cookiecutter helps extension authors create Python extension modules making use of xtensor.

It takes care of the initial work of generating a project skeleton with

  • A complete compiling the extension module

  • A few examples included in the resulting project including

    • A universal function defined from C++
    • A function making use of an algorithm from the STL on a numpy array
    • Unit tests
    • The generation of the HTML documentation with sphinx


Install cookiecutter:

$ pip install cookiecutter

After installing cookiecutter, use the xtensor-python-cookiecutter:

$ cookiecutter

As xtensor-python-cookiecutter runs, you will be asked for basic information about your custom extension project. You will be prompted for the following information:

  • author_name: your name or the name of your organization,
  • author_email: your project's contact email,
  • github_project_name: name of the GitHub repository for your project,
  • github_organization_name: name of the GithHub organization for your project,
  • python_package_name: name of the Python package created by your extension,
  • cpp_namespace: name for the cpp namespace holding the implementation of your extension,
  • project_short_description: a short description for your project.

This will produce a directory containing all the required content for a minimal extension project making use of xtensor with all the required boilerplate for package management, together with a few basic examples. The generated Python extension requires an installation of xtensor ^0.18.0, xtensor-python ^0.21.0, numpy, and pybind11 ^2.1.0.

Install the module:

$ pip install ./{{ cookiecutter.github_project_name }}/

If you have Jupyter installed, run the Test_Run notebook:

$ cd {{ cookiecutter.github_project_name }}
$ jupyter notebook


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