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Gamemaker Time Tracker (Obsolete)
Python Time Tracker (Obsolete)
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View an example chart from data generated using this software here: http://bflysamurai.deviantart.com/art/2013-Chart-Of-Josh-s-Working-Hours-418917446

Image credit: Sean MacEntee - https://www.flickr.com/photos/smemon/4961717384/in/photolist-8ys6Hs-93GPYw-nN3cfZ-7ndGEZ-5r97iL-nkc4GF-7UTmVK-54R5E1-gXvhUX-7CBSbv-fKm5e6-dZrrr-dtgLMo-FkRMPS-88G64K-9JjZYY-7gYhP-oeXqzE-5ZvVMf-5eqYC3-9grNy-2qCXZf-8B9xrH-9SWqmg-bqNgjC-7ASABK-4xVdmq-6DruhW-qEC1wW-e4pR7-Dn2miV-8jqbkg-dMpjq-3eKq11-bbihYr-bbihHz-dNSmDa-6JMRS8-g12GCs-erDaj-9UQbk-5Xx3no-d9txSf-5MLX4y-5YW8LF-4m3z8z-vESZ2-q9yT2J-9vJDWb-dAnKbo

TimeTracker 1.0.5

This version now uses Autohotkey. You will need to install Autohotkey in order to run this script. To edit a task or time, you have to manually go into the data.csv file. The dataunformatted.csv file is just for


This time tracker is meant to be used to track how you use your time 24/7. Instead of starting or stopping tasks, you merely start new ones, and it calculates the length of the last task from the time to the next one.

  • Input your task (and subtask(s) separated by commas -- if applicable), press 'Start Task' or ENTER to create a timestamp of your task start time.
  • Shortcut: Alt + Z brings up the application.
  • Open the data.csv file with spreadsheet software to manipulate your data into insightful visualizations.
  • Time spent on task is now working.
  • When opening the application, it will grab the data from last time so that you know what you were last working on and how long you have been working on it.
  • Auto-minimize when you input an new task.

Known Bugs

  • If you open multiple Autohotkey GUI applications, the time spent on task and pressing Enter to start a new task do not fully work.

Future Features?

  • Ability to edit last submitted task
  • Better spreadsheet data manipulation
  • Exe version
  • Mobile version