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This is a minor update which adds the following Notable Changes:

  • [QT/UI] Added Masternode Tool GUI [By JSKitty] Based on Phore's Masternode tool.
  • [Net/Trivial] Updated chainparams checkpoints and Seeders for better connectivity [By akshaynexus].
  • [Contrib] Update icons to QuantisNet in windows setup.
  • [Doc] Update gitian build instructions.
  • [Net] Catch subver parsing exceptions in DVM.
  • [Net/Qt] Fixed DVM bugs to avoid segfault.
  • [Net/Qt] Fixed DVM bug which causes update available notif even if there isnt one.

SHA256 Checksums:

e1f969031aa54f8400ce0013768b8e23233db99fb0a6ede83f0da2280441c7b6  ./quantisnetcore-
3421b6c22a6a02e55a7823332ca30d1dbd174b0ac5ba1064adec743db8b0abce  ./quantisnetcore-
14732bf2015587c345b030815cb789d19c7abc7ec45ec1bd0a1ffe1abf9b5bf9  ./
7d122b8787c22fe1781d939fe44c09cd21105178208916439ecd1de0d5e7c0f3  ./quantisnetcore-
01200cf857da1f125abd460cc19726194785273222cf6d80d5dfb065ef50f1c1  ./quantisnetcore-
61b55e183b5508c30e9df65d44253c879807741799bad8508e5d3ff3c7a04586  ./quantisnetcore-
36298ff7706c08e79eac2fb56a6d2a97c22c7076736747e44076f6b7f633b837  ./
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