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source examples to support the "Cascading for the Impatient" blog post series -- now for Cascalog
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Cascading Cascalog for the Impatient

Notice: This project has been moved to Please use that link instead.

Welcome to Cascalog for the Impatient, a series of tutorial and Cascalog code examples to get you started. This series is a fork of Cascading for the Impatient.

This set of progressive coding examples starts with a simple file copy and builds up to a MapReduce implementation of the TF-IDF algorithm.

Getting Started

Clone this repository and head over to the Wiki to follow through with this 6-part tutorial.


Install the following:

  1. Hadoop, see Apache's instruction on setting up a local node
  2. Leiningen build tool for Clojure

Some basic knowledge of Clojure and using Leiningen would be helpful.

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