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Cascalog Documentation

This is a documentation site for hosted and auto-generated directly from this repository. It uses Jekyll site generator with Markdown as the article markup language. Any changes made to the gh-pages branch here will be live immediately.


Guides and articles are in the /articles directory. You can clone this repository and then add or edit articles there, then send a pull request.

Quick Editing

For quick editing of the content, you can edit files in the /articles directory using Github web interface. Github would then take care of forking and sending pull request automatically for you.


For major changes, it is recommended to setup a local environment with Jekyll if you want to view your changes as a web site locally.

Install Dependencies

With Ruby Bundler:

bundle install --binstubs

How to run a development server

./bin/jekyll serve -w --trace

then navigate to localhost:4000

How to regenerate the site

./bin/jekyll build

This step isn't needed to publish the site because Github can render a Jekyll repo directly.