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Project Overview

  • Scientifically driven project clear question
  • Not count number of bubbles in system
  • Does temperature affect bubble size?
  • Take images through appropriate processing steps
  • Characterize parameter space and error sources
  • Short presentation (5-10 minutes depending on number of students)
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Key Findings

Our Projects

Detection and Analysis of Calcifications in Breast Mamographies (Z. Wang)

  • Calcification count and type is an important criterion for breast cancer diagnosis but it is done manually due to the complexity of breast tissue

Breast Calcifications

Circardian Rhythm in Neuron Cells

Fluorescence signal in neuron cells in the region of the brain responsible for circadian regulation



  • Do the cells move during the experiment?
  • How regular is their signal?
  • Is the period 24 hours?
  • Do nearby cells oscillate together?
  • Do they from chunks or groups, over what range do they work?
  • Are there networks formed from time-precedence?

Kaggle Projects

Right Whale Identification

  • All information copied from here
Currently, only a handful of very experienced researchers can identify individual whales on sight while out on the water. For the majority of researchers, identifying individual whales takes time, making it difficult to effectively target whales for biological samples, acoustic recordings, and necessary health assessments.

Example whale image to identify: Whale

Heart Ejection Fraction from MRI: Data Science Bowl

  • All information copied from here

The goal is to automatically measure the ejection fraction of a heart using 4D (3D + time) images of the heart. There are over 17GB of images to analyze and a few hints on the forums on how to use analytical (Fourier method) and Deep Learning approaches.

MRI Segmentation


Show video

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Digit Recognizer

  • Can digits be accurately identified from images?
  • Automated identification is important for thousands of applications from traffic control to reciept validation.
  • Number of solutions already available

(Image borrowed from: Andrej Karpathy, Digits