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Decibel SDK

The Decibel Php SDK makes it simple to query the Decibel API and deal with the results returned.

Calls to the Decibel API are made through query objects, which take care of all the logic involved in running a REST query, including deserializing the results to handy result objects. These can then be used to easily integrate Decibel data into your own application

For instructions on how to use the Php SDK, please visit:

You will need to sign up for a Decibel API key before running queries with the SDK

###Terms of Service ©Decibel Music Systems, 2014. May be used freely in unaltered form.

Use of the Decibel API and SDK is subject to the following end user license agreement & terms and conditions

Please note that the code in this repository is auto-generated, so we do not accept pull requests