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# # Extending Register: an echo register
# We show how to extend a register that prints the instructions to standard output
# instead of actually exexcuting the instructions.
using Yao
# First you will need to define your own subtype that contains
# your desired data structure
mutable struct EchoReg{B} <: AbstractRegister{B}
# Then we need to define the most basic API: how many qubits are there
Yao.nactive(reg::EchoReg) = reg.nactive
Yao.nqubits(reg::EchoReg) = reg.nqubits
# And define some instructions, as an echo register, we will just keep printing what we are asked to exexcute
function Yao.instruct!(::EchoReg{B}, args...) where {B, G}
str = join(string.(args), ", ")
println("calls: instruct!(reg, $str)")
function Yao.focus!(reg::EchoReg{B}, locs) where {B}
println("focus -> $locs")
reg.nactive = length(locs)
return true
function Yao.relax!(reg::EchoReg{B}, locs; to_nactive=nqubits(reg)) where {B}
reg.nactive = to_nactive
println("relax -> $locs\\$to_nactive")
return true
function Yao.measure!(rng, ::ComputationalBasis, reg::EchoReg{B}, locs) where {B}
println("measure -> $locs")
return true
# Now we can check what will happen!
r = EchoReg{10}(3, 2)
r |> put(3, 2=>X) |> control(3, 3, 2=>X) |> concentrate(3, put(1, 1=>X), 2:2) |> measure!
# But when we still require some more information from you
r |> cache(X)
# An `NotImplementedError` will be thrown, no worries!
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