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Pull requests for RedReader are always gratefully received. New pull requests are reviewed whenever @QuantumBadger gets some spare time, which is usually within a couple of weeks of submitting (apologies if it takes longer!)

What is accepted?

Please submit pull requests for:

  • ✔️ New features
  • ✔️ Bug fixes
  • ✔️ Significant performance improvements
  • ✔️ New unit tests

Pull requests for the following things may be rejected:

  • Translations into other languages -- please submit these using Weblate to avoid conflicts!

  • Rewording existing English strings -- whether the new wording is better or not is normally subjective. This includes README/other metadata changes. If you notice a typo or other mistake, please raise an issue on GitHub.

  • Code formatting changes -- e.g. changing tabs to spaces, making trivial changes to the structure of code, or refactoring that isn't part of one of the accepted changes above.

  • Micro-optimisations -- changes that don't have obviously significant performance benefits should be accompanied by benchmark results!

Check before submitting

RedReader uses a number of automated code checks. You can run these locally using the pmd, checkstyle, lint, and test Gradle targets:

./gradlew pmd checkstyle lint test

These checks are run automatically on every pull request, so please ensure they pass before submitting!

Style guidelines

For Java files, please:

  • Use tabs for indentation
  • Limit line length to 100 characters
  • Try to match the style of existing code

For XML files, there are no restrictions on tabs vs spaces or line length, but please try to stay consistent with the file you're editing.

For new Java or XML files:

  • Add a GPLv3 copyright message to the top of the file (you can copy this from an existing Java or XML file)