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Audio now muted by default
Added preference to move toolbar to bottom of screen (thanks to Cameron Merkel)
Added aspect ratio indicator while loading images (off by default) (thanks to Cameron Merkel)
Avoid line-breaks in gilding badge (thanks to Marco Costa)
In search dialog, keyboard action button now initiates search (thanks to Cameron Merkel)
Fix for two-factor authentication
Fix for videos
Audio support for videos using internal player
Left-handed mode preference
Preference to hide read posts (thanks to Andrew Soback)
Custom Tab preference for web browser (thanks to Cj Malone)
Allow marking as NSFW/spoilers when submitting post
Show post/comment immediately after submitting
Added "Best" sort for front page
Added DeviantArt support (thanks to sharkwouter)
Fixed Gfycat support (thanks to Mark Lee)
Preference to add "Random NSFW" to main menu (thanks to David Austin Vick)
Preference to hide main menu items (thanks to LizardWithHat)
Indicate when posts are gilded (thanks to Sam Yuyitung)
Fixed search to match new reddit API (thanks to ianmcxa)
Visual fix for comments containing only whitespace (thanks to Briscoooe)
Crash fix for "Share Image" on Android 8.1+ (thanks to LizardWithHat)
Switched to ExoPlayer for video playback
Minor string tweaks (thanks to SkewedZeppelin)
Updated Dutch translation (thanks to Ghostkeeper)
Updated Czech translation (thanks to Mongata)
Added preference for vote/read/etc cache lifetime (thanks to Wolfgang Schnerring)
Added search option to Custom Location dialog (thanks to samdroid-apps)
Added search text fields to results page (thanks to samdroid-apps)
Added support for 18:9 aspect ratio devices (thanks to ktechmidas)
Include description when sharing, and reorganised sharing settings (thanks to c0d3st0rm)
Added Basque translation (thanks to Gontzal Manuel Pujana Onaindia and Javi Sautua)
Updated Esperanto translation (thanks to Verdulo)
Updated Polish translation (thanks to Verdulo)
Updated Russian translation (thanks to Vladislav Glinsky)
Updated Ukrainian translation (thanks to Vladislav Glinsky)
Updated Norwegian Bokmål translation (thanks to Allan Nordhøy)
Updated Portuguese translation (thanks to Rafael Andrade)
Updated German translation (thanks to Andreas Kleinert)
Preference to add "Random Subreddit" item to main menu (thanks to Andrew Philipchik)
Fixed handling of /r/random (thanks to Andrew Philipchik)
Ability to disable inbox replies when commenting (thanks to Clubfan22)
Fix for fullscreen video in internal browser (thanks to Clubfan22)
Preference to exclude text when sharing comment (thanks to Clubfan22)
Scroll to top when collapsing self post (thanks to ajgoda90)
Disable sending replies to inbox for comments (thanks to Clubfan22)
Added Finnish translation (thanks to Janne-Pekka Mustonen and Jussi Kuokkanen)
Added Burmese translation (thanks to BannerCoe)
Added Norwegian Bokmål translation (thanks to Allan Nordhøy)
Added Russian translation (thanks to Vladislav Glinsky)
Added Ukrainian translation (thanks to Vladislav Glinsky)
Added Simplified Chinese translation (thanks to gensitu)
Updated French translation (thanks to Toover)
Updated Danish translation (thanks to Jan Madsen)
Updated Esperanto translation (thanks to Verdulo)
Updated Dutch translation (thanks to wb9688)
Updated Romanian translation (thanks to Gaman Gabriel)
Updated Polish translation (thanks to Verdulo and Piotr Strebski)
Fix for some Gfycat links (thanks to Mark Lee)
Workaround for app state sometimes being lost when launching from homescreen
Fix for floating toolbar repeatedly bouncing (thanks to ajgoda90)
Spanish typo fix (thanks to badcrc)
Support for links
Preference to enable video playback controls (thanks to ahomphophone)
Perform temporary file pruning in the background
Fix for links ending in parentheses
Crash fixes
Translation updates (thanks to verdulo)
Preference to add /r/popular to the main menu (thanks to ahomphophone)
Download links now handled correctly by internal browser (thanks to Sarbajit Saha)
Preference to change self-post tap action (thanks to Clubfan22)
Code refactoring (thanks to Mario Kosmiskas and awells111)
Fix for when user pages appear in subscription list
Translation updates (thanks to verdulo and Andrés Hernández)
Added Indonesian translation (thanks to much-doge)
Added buttons to skip between top-level comments
Added ability to edit self-posts (thanks to Clubfan22)
Added long-click menu for links and album list items (thanks to Clubfan22)
Image captions are now shown in the album list view (thanks to Clubfan22)
Tapping self-posts now collapses them (thanks to Clubfan22)
Added long-click menu for subreddits in main menu (thanks to Clubfan22)
Added share/open option to internal browser (thanks to Clubfan22)
Added block/subscribe/pin subreddit to post context menu (thanks to Clubfan22)
Added post/comment fling action preference for "go back"
Subject is now shown for private messages
Private message replies are now part of the original conversion, rather than starting a new one
Support keyboard Go-action in custom location dialog (thanks to gaudecker)
Enable sorting for users' submitted posts/comments (thanks to gaudecker)
Show subreddit names in /r/popular
Subreddit autocomplete is now account-specific (thanks to Clubfan22)
Markdown parsing improvements (thanks to Clubfan22)
Various build improvements (thanks to mvdan)
Translation fix (thanks to philipwhiuk)
Updated German translation (thanks to Clubfan22)
Added Esperanto translation (thanks to verdulo)
Added Polish translation (thanks to verdulo)
Added Portuguese translation (thanks to Anderson Fernandes)
Support for new post spoiler tag
Added low-contrast night theme
Added Ultra Black theme
Added higher font scale options
Added accessibility descriptions to bezel toolbar
Subreddits autocomplete in "Custom Location"
Ability to disable inbox replies when submitting posts
Ability to share image directly rather than link (thanks to Sérgio Sampaio)
Fix for saving images with no file extension (thanks to Luís Coelho)
Hungarian translation (thanks to András Lengyel-Nagy)
Various codebase improvements (thanks to Daniel Martí)
Removed unnecessary image download when opening in external browser (thanks to m3sv)
Improved precaching behaviour
Improved Dutch translation (thanks to Beleg-Cuthalion)
Show download size when loading images
Removed all CAPTCHAs as they are no longer needed
Updated Spanish translation (thanks to Andrés Hernández)
Added Romanian translation (thanks to Badita Viorel-Octavian)
Multireddit viewing support
Auto-refresh old post lists (with preference)
Parent text shown (and copyable) when replying to comments
Ability to view custom user pages
Preference to hide Android status bar
Preference to use un-shortened link for "Share Comments" (thanks to fhtagn)
Preference for cache storage location (thanks to ShadowNinja)
Preference to set pinned subreddit sort order (thanks to chippen)
Preference to hide floating toolbar over images
Preference to make link text non-clickable
Preference to disable swipe-down-to-refresh
Preference to show blocked subreddits in the main menu (thanks to gstraube)
For albums with only one image, the image is now shown immediately
When sending PMs, input fields are cleared if send succeeded
Show action bar back button in two-pane mode (thanks to mariokmk)
Fixed bug with huge "load more comments" links
Support for imgflip and makeameme links
Added Dutch translation (thanks to Beleg-Cuthalion)
Fixed crash due to reddit thumbnail API change
Comment swipe actions
Ability to search comments (thanks to cpalasanu)
Ability to send and reply to private messages
Pull-down-to-refresh for posts/comments
Ability to set default post sort
Music is no longer paused when GIFs play (thanks to noughtmare and ccrama)
Fixed saving images with slashes in the path (thanks to 0xKD)
Action bar back button extended to allow clicking on text
Ability to copy comment URL
Migrated post list to a RecyclerView, fixing lots of bugs
Made blue theme darker
Ability to change navbar colour
Removed "Beta" from the app name
Lots of bugfixes
Material Design
Imgur upload support
Internal viewer now supports images hosted by reddit
Experimental Tor support (thanks to SpotComms)
Preference to open images/albums in browser
Preference for comment long-click action (thanks to mateoeh)
Made default comment tap action "collapse" rather than "menu"
Ability to filter read posts in the inbox (thanks to H4rryA)
Mod/admin comments are now distinguished
Make archived posts read-only (thanks to chaitan94)
Fixed image saving on Android Marshmallow
LG split window support
Various code improvements (thanks to veyndan)
Fixes and improvements to local change data manager
Various bugfixes (thanks to mariokmk and Igor Shults)
Fixed album swiping
Fixed wiki link freeze when internal browser was disabled
Re-implemented imgur album thumbnail support for new API
Use updated imgur API
Fix for past versions not showing up in the list
Fixed issue with disabling minimum comment score
Fixed issue with intent handling
Ability to hide subreddits from /r/all (thanks to Igor Shults)
Added Swedish translation (thanks to tjernquist)
Preference to collapse low score comments (thanks to Igor Shults)
Fixed issue with reddit link handling (thanks to Igor Shults)
Fix for some posts not being marked as read (thanks to Igor Shults)
Fixed issues with "limit post count" feature
Fixed issue where subreddit sidebar was inaccessible for logged out users
Text in properties dialogs is now selectable
Various build improvements (thanks to mvdan)
Ability to view image titles/captions
Ability to pin subreddits to top of main menu
Precaching for comment threads
Improved connection robustness
Use .mp4 instead of .webm for imgur (should improve device compatibility)
Overlay icon for up/downvoted posts
Various ListView improvements
Fixed bug where submission rate limit errors were ignored
Various bugfixes
Made post list comments buttons slightly wider
Native support for Gfycat and Streamable
Added album swipe length preference
Darker image loading checkerboard in night mode
Added Q&A comment sort
Fix for subreddit list parse error
Fix for account list crash
"Share comment" no longer uses oAuth domain
Spanish translation updates (thanks to moshpirit)
Switched to oAuth authentication
Native imgur gallery support
Imgur .gifv support
Support for some types of video link (e.g. those ending in .webm)
Workaround for imgur redirect bug
Ability to delete comments and posts
Ability to change inbox font size
Added screen orientation preference (thanks to chaitan94)
Fixed scrolling bug when collapsing large comments (thanks to chaitan94)
Added preference to skip straight to the front page (thanks to chaitan94)
Disallow voting on archived posts (thanks to Ciaran Curley)
Fixed typo in German translation (thanks to Aruee)
Fixed UTF-8 support in subreddit sidebars
Added options menu item to close all open activities (hidden by default)
Added preference to customise options menu
Post context menu no longer shown if all items are disabled
Added preference to change bezel toolbar swipe zone size
Added preference to change GIF viewer
Added intent support for (thanks to Septolum)
Ability to hide username in main menu
Strips all whitespace when entering custom subreddit
Removed dependency on HoloEverywhere
Removed support for Android 2.x and 3.x
Ability to mark all inbox messages as read
Added intent support for https (thanks to ajs124)
Added support for links (thanks to ajs124)
Fixed image view bug when rotating screen while touching (thanks to ThomasKomarnicki)
Markdown link parsing improvements
Fixed gif-related hang
Fixed bug with subreddit names containing colons
Ability to sort search results (thanks to chaitan94)
Fixed regression where "cache miss error" would be displayed instead of "end of cached data" message
Improved behaviour when searching from within search results (thanks to chaitan94)
Added Italian translation (thanks to klenje)
Potential improvement to how WiFi connections are detected (vs mobile data)
Improved handling of out-of-memory errors when viewing images
The image view now opens imgur links using HTTPS. This should hopefully circumvent a block by the Indian government.
Added "Use HTTPS" menu option to web view.
Fixed bug when navigating to the /r/ subreddit
Various crash fixes
Fixed image decoding failures on Android 2.3, caused by Android's shambolic BitmapRegionDecoder class
Fixed segfaults on Android 4.X, caused by Android's shambolic BitmapRegionDecoder class
Android 2.2 users can now use the new OpenGL image view. This was formerly impossible due to Android's shambolic BitmapRegionDecoder class
Links to specific comments (e.g. in /r/bestof) now work correctly
Ability to load more comments
Comment long-click menu now has "Context" and "Go to Comment"
Tapping a comment reply in the inbox takes you to that specific comment thread
Notifications for new inbox messages/comment replies (thanks to NoNeedToBail)
Image view now shows all images at full resolution
Double-tap to zoom supported in image view
Double-tap-and-drag to zoom supported in image view
Show default subreddits to anonymous users (rather than most popular)
Got rid of the red icon in night mode
Lots of performance improvements
Added asterisk next to edited comments
Added Czech translation (thanks to Martin Macko)
German translation improvements (thanks to andihorner)
Spanish translation improvements (thanks to moshpirit)
Fixed bug when searching in two-pane mode (thanks to Oleksiy Kovtun)
Fixed parse error with invalid named Unicode characters
Fixed bug where users subscribed to precisely 100 subreddits would be shown extra (unwanted) subreddits
Fixed crash bug when selecting "Submit Post"
Comment header now shows if a comment has been given reddit gold
Shows modmail replies
Fixed handling of some links starting with '/'
Fixed bug where [deleted] comments were highlighted in [deleted] posts
Sidebar is black when in night mode
Improved "invalid user" error message
Cache performance improvement (note: cache entries saved by previous version will be unreadable)
Significant post list performance improvement
Updated HTTPS domain
Added Spanish translation (thanks to Juanma Reyes)
Updated Arabic translation (thanks to Husam Bilal)
Post flair support
Better comment flair colour
Fixed rare crash bug during subreddit (un)subscription
Fixed rare crash bug when pruning cache
Fixed bug where searching for multiple words didn't work
Minor post list performance improvements
Removed ability to see upvote/downvote counts (since reddit removed support for this)
Added Markdown parser support for named/hexadecimal Unicode
Fixed crash when searching whole site
Added ability to save comments (but not list them, yet)
Sticky posts highlighted green (thanks to Chris Jones)
Fixed bug where not all subscribed subreddits were shown
Added Arabic translation (thanks to Husam Bilal)
Added menu option to clear web view cache
Web view cookies are now deleted when it is closed
The homescreen icon should now take you to your last position in the app
Main menu subscription list loads much more quickly when cached
Post list header changes when new sort order is selected
Ability to view sidebar of all subreddits, not just subscribed ones
Markdown formatting improvements
Reverted "home" button action to behave the same as "back"
Vine links should now work in the internal browser
Lots of bugfixes
New icon
Added ability to subscribe to/unsubscribe from subreddits
Added ability to view subreddit sidebar
No longer cuts off subreddit list if you have 100+ subscriptions
Made main menu customisable (under Settings > Menus)
Ability to view mod mail, submitted posts, downvoted posts
Fixed bug where saved/hidden posts were marked as unsaved/unhidden
Fixed bug with HTML entities when editing comments
Avoids crashing when the disk is full
Opens Google Play links externally
Tidied up some code (thanks to kageiit)
Fixed bug causing the app to crash
Fixed bug with imgur gallery links
Added ability to limit number of posts displayed (thanks to Rroia)
Added French translation (thanks to Rémi Lapeyre)
User agent change (thanks to Melker Narikka)
Added back button to Settings action bar
Better GIF support on Android 4.0+
Can share links from other apps (thanks to andrewgiang)
Preference to show comment indent lines (thanks to GzFighter)
Reddit links in other apps handled (thanks to andrewgiang)
Up button handled correctly for incoming intents (thanks to andrewgiang)
Bugfix when linkifying HTTPS links
Bugfix when joining two consecutive markdown lines
Bugfix where comment tap action pref was not respected
Bugfix where tapping an inbox item didn't take you to the relevant thread
Preference to disable internal browser
Preference to disable link buttons
Handles deep redirect loops
Better markdown support (superscript, multi-level quotes, code, etc)
Links in comments are represented by buttons
Better back button handling in internal browser (thanks to Evan Tatarka)
Ability to switch from internal to external browser (thanks to trevor-e)
Custom subreddit bugfix (thanks to DubHunt)
Search bugfix
Back button delay
Samsung multi-window support (phone reboot required)
HTTPS enabled by default
"Links in Comment" should now have predictable order
Bugfix for user profile dialog crash
Minor appearance improvement
Bugfix where subreddit name wasn't always filled in when submitting posts
Bugfix for users with saved comments
Bugfix when clicking links in a user's comment list
Bugfix when viewing images with null mimetypes
Additional bugfix for users who logged in with a space after their username
Bugfix when viewing a user's post list
Potential bugfix when recycling images
Basic search feature
Preference to change the default comment sort
Preference to override Android's default language
Handles hidden comment scores on certain subreddits
Adds saved images to the Android gallery
Fixed profile 404 bug (caused by space after username when logging in)
Added "up" button in internal browser action bar
Replaced thumbs up icon with upvote icon in bezel swipe toolbar
Spoiler support
Crash fixes
Corrections to German translations
Added German translations (thanks to /u/balducien and /u/andiho)
Added preference to disable post flinging (select "disabled" under "post fling action")
Added "About" section to preferences
Changed actionbar highlight color to white
Now respects Android's "24 hour time" setting
Added this changelog!
Added Danish translations (thanks to /u/fosterbuster)
Reformats links so the YouTube app can handle them
Reformats invalid links provided by reddit
Massively sped up cache pruning (no more freezing on startup)
Fixed a bug - everyone should now be able to edit their own comments
Moved the subreddit loading bar
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