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Show error and stop loading NSFW subs if NSFW content is off (fixes #706

, fixes #691)
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Cguy7777 authored and QuantumBadger committed Feb 8, 2020
1 parent 902b70e commit f885ec73f8dd487ccfca30f99b884d9bb0ddc968
@@ -5,11 +5,12 @@ Fine-grained control over font scaling (thanks to Cameron Merkel)
Added custom share dialog with prioritisation, off by default (thanks to LizardWithHat)
Preserve fields when returning to post submission activity (thanks to fguibourt)
Fixed issue with HTTP cleartext websites
Display error when NSFW subreddits are blocked (thanks for Cameron Merkel)
Assorted bug fixes (thanks for Cameron Merkel)
Added Hindi translation (thanks to Chandra Mohan Jha)
Added Greek translation (thanks to George K)
Added Japanese translation (thanks to Karthik Nallasivan)
Added Traditional Chinese translation (thanks to gensitu)
Assorted bug fixes (thanks for Cameron Merkel)
Assorted translation updates (thanks to Allan Nordhøy, Andrea Troiano, Andrés Hernández, B0pol, Dennis Öberg, Emil Tang Kristensen, Gontzal Manuel Pujana Onaindia, Ignas, Javi Sautua, John Curcio, Karol, LizardWithHat, Louies, Luke, mivek, Mohammed, Nam Portuhkee, Osoitz, Péter Gyetvai, Petter Reinholdtsen, Sohalt, ssantos, Taiite, Venkat Sub, Verdulo, Vladislav Glinsky, wb9688, Wouter Wijsman, zeritti, and zmni!)

@@ -280,8 +280,17 @@ public void onRequestSuccess(final RedditSubreddit result, final long timeCached
public void run() {
mSubreddit = result;

if(mSubreddit.over18 && ! PrefsUtility.pref_behaviour_nsfw(context, mSharedPreferences)) {
new ErrorView(getActivity(), new RRError(
} else {
@@ -1169,4 +1169,8 @@
<string name="list_yes_no_or_wifi_wifionly">On Wi-Fi Only</string>
<string name="list_yes_no_or_wifi_never">Never</string>

<!-- 2020-02-08 -->
<string name="error_nsfw_subreddits_disabled_title">Blocked NSFW Subreddit</string>
<string name="error_nsfw_subreddits_disabled_message">NSFW content is currently disabled in the settings.</string>


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