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QuantumWalk.jl: Package for building algorithms based on quantum walks
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QuantumWalk.jl is a package for Julia programming language implementing models of quantum continuous and discrete walks used for performing quantum spatial search. It's main purpose is to provide general functionalities by crossing usage of quantum models and applications implementations.

Currently the package provides implementation of

  • Szegedy quantum walks Szegedy with abstract supertype AbstractSzegedy,
  • continuous-time quantum walks CTQW and CTQWDense with abstract supertype AbstractCTQW,

and dynamics

  • simple quantum walk QWEvolution,
  • quantum spatial search QWSearch.

In particular for the last dynamic algorithm maximize_quantum_search finding optimal measure time are implemeneted. Note the function works in general for arbitrary discrete-time quantum walk. The results are not guaranteed for continuous-time quantum walk, as times is not discretized.

The package requires LightGraphs.jl, Optim.jl and Expokit.jl.


The package can be installed using Pkg.clone command as

(v1.0) pkg> add QuantumWalk

All of the required modules will be installed automatically.

Exemplary usage and citing

Our package was already used in papers concerning quantum attacks

  • Adam Glos, Jarosław Adam Miszczak. `Impact of the malicious input data modification on the efficiency of quantum algorithms.' arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.10041 (2018).

In case of citing, please use the following BibTeX form:

  author       = {Adam Glos and Jaros{\l}aw Adam Miszczak},
  title        = {{QuantumWalks/QuantumWalk.jl}},
  year         = {2018},
  url          = {}
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