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The public full nodes ( and are only for the novices. You do not require to maintain a full cluster node, but we cannot guarantee or promise any service availability and security for these nodes. If you have several mining machines, we strongly recommend that you run a cluster by yourself to guarantee the security and mining efficiency.


Support getWork with specified coinbase address QuarkChain/pyquarkchain#702


If you download the binary code from release and use the CUDA GPU, please use the following command line,

ethminer -U http://$CLUSTER_IP:38391 --shard-id $SHARD_ID --cuda-devices $GPU_ID --farm-recheck $TIME --coinbase $COINBASE_ADDRESS
  • CLUSTER_IP defines the IP for the Quarkchain cluster. If you want to try the one button quick mining, you can use or
  • --shard-id defines one specify shard to mine. shard id 1, 10001, 20001, 30001, 40001, 50001 are Ethash.
  • --cuda-devices defines specify GPUs to mine.
  • --farm-recheck defines check interval in milliseconds for changed work. For example 1000.
  • --coinbase defines your mining coinbase address. Please use 20 bytes address generated the same way as an Ethereum address.
  • -U is for the CUDA GPU and -G is for the AMD GPU.

One example for chain 1, shard 0 is

ethminer -U --shard-id 10001 --farm-recheck 1000 --coinbase 0x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000

mainnet GPU mining shardID

Chain Shard Hash Algo Parameter for Ethminer shard ID
0 0 Ethash 1
1 0 Ethash 10001
2 0 Ethash 20001
3 0 Ethash 30001
4 0 Ethash 40001
5 0 Ethash 50001

Noted that if you want to mine multiple shards, please open multiple terminals.