Quark Security's Certifiable Linux Integration Platform
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Here is a quick list of the things you need to do to get started.

Big Hint/Suggestion: if you use Quark Security's build VM you can skip steps 1-4. Why not make your life easier by downloading it: Quark Security's CLIP build VM

  1. Add your user to /etc/sudoers (required since mock and livecd creator use chroots).

Note that this line is required to generate media.

  1. CHANGE THE DEFAULT PASSWORD IN YOUR KICKSTART (kickstarts/clip-minimal/clip-minimal.ks)! CLIP intentionally ships with an unencrypted default password! It is "neutronbass".

  2. Go back and re-read #2.

  3. Run "./bootstrap.sh" or "./bootstrap.sh -c ". See [Help-bootstrap-config.txt] for details.

  4. After you have run bootstrap once you do not have to run it again. Roll an ISO by running "$ make clip-minimal-inst-iso". This will generate an installable ISO. Alternatively, run "$ make clip-minimal-live-iso" to generate a live media ISO.

Note: for a complete list of targets available please run "$ make help".

After you have successfully rolled an installation ISO it is time to move on to customizing the image. Each topic related to customizing the image is discussed in Help-*.txt files in the root of the CLIP repo.

For general questions please reference Help-FAQ.txt. For more detailed instructions, you may reference the following:

  1. Help-Adding-Existing-Binary-Packages-to-Image.txt

    Assistance for adding binary packages to a rolled ISO.

  2. Help-Adding-Source-Packages.txt

    Assistance for adding source packages to the build system.

  3. Help-Build-System.txt

    Assistance in setting up the build system.

  4. Help-Generating-Live-Media.txt

    How to generate live media.

  5. Help-Known-Issues.txt

    A list of currently known issues and how to get past them.

  6. Help-Releases.txt

    Help in getting a CLIP release out.

  7. Help-Use-Cases.txt

    How to best use CLIP for specific scenarios.