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A (terrible) NES emulator for 5.5.0/5.5.1 WiiUs.

Based off LiteNES. Lots of code taken from libwiiu and the 5.5.x ELF loader. Thanks tons. I know I didn't ask you, but your code is still awesome. Everything that isn't mine is distributed under their respective licenses.

Current Project Status

(2017-11-09) I'm calling it - this isn't going to be touched again. Archiving to prevent confusion - everything will become read-only and frozen in time.

I can't believe I used to write code like this. I had no idea! Starting from nowhere, I guess.


You'll need devKitPPC installed and an environment variable (DEVKITPPC) set to the path to devKitPPC (not the bin folder!). Once you have all that, just run make!

You'll end up with boot.elf in the root directory of the project. This should be loadable by the ELF loader on a 5.5.x WiiU. To have it actually work, you'll need an iNES rom called play.nes in the same directory as the ELF. It uses the same URL builder as the ELF loader. This is what worked for me:

Loader: http://webhost/u/payload/my_payload_file.php

ELF: http://webhost/u/payload/boot.elf

NES ROM: http://webhost/u/payload/play.nes

You could probably use something different if you want.


  • This is not a replacement for Virtual Console.
  • If you aren't a developer, this probably won't be good enough for you.
  • There's no sound.
  • There's only one player.
  • If you try and exit it'll crash.
  • It's slow. It's really, really slow. See the TODO about how I think this could be fixed.
  • I've only tested Yie-Ar Kung Fu (working!) and Super Mario Bros. I'm lazy, I know. Most other ROMs probably won't work.
  • There's some weird RAM corruption stuff going on which makes Super Mario really, really, realy bad. You'll see.

At least it's userspace!

Developers and Debuggers: Check out the debugger here!


A (terrible) userspace NES emulator for 5.5.x WiiUs



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