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MinecartRevolution is a modern Minecart-Plugin for Bukkit which features a fast and simple entry and can be deeply customized using expressions.
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MinecartRevolution is a modern Minecart-Plugin for Bukkit. It features simple functions for beginners and professional ones like an own english-like scripting language. You can use it simple with Control-Signs and -Blocks and define the expression scripts. You can also write plugins for more complicated Controls.

There is no limit with MinecartRevolution.

For more information on the usage, check out our current homepage on


Copyright (c) 2013 QuarterCode

MinecartRevolution may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3.0. See the file or for details.


We use maven to handle our dependencies and build, so you need the Java JDK and Maven for compiling the sourcecode.

  • Download & install Java JDK
  • Download & install Maven 3.
  • Check out this repository (clone or download).
  • Navigate to the project folder of this repository which contains a pom.xml and run:

    mvn clean install
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