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Chartbuilder 📈

Chartbuilder is a front-end charting application that facilitates easy creation of simple beautiful charts.

Chartbuilder is the user and export interface. Chartbuilder powers all chart creation on Atlas, a charting platform developed by Quartz.

What's new in Chartbuilder 2.0

  • The Chart Grid type. Use it to create small multiples of bars, lines, dots, or columns.
  • The app has been rewritten in React.js, making it easier to add new chart types or use third-party rendering libraries.
  • Chart edits are automatically saved to localStorage, and a chart can be recovered by clicking the "load previous chart" button on loading the page.
  • Data input now accepts csv formatted data as well as tsv formated data
  • All UI elements belong to Chartbuilder UI, a framework of flexible React components that you can use in other projects.

What Chartbuilder is not

  • A replacement for Excel
  • A replacement for Google Spreadsheet
  • A data analysis tool
  • A data transformation tool

What Chartbuilder is

Chartbuilder is the final step in charting to create charts in a consistent predefined style. Paste data into it and export the code to draw a mobile friendly responsive chart or a static svg or png chart.

Who is using Chartbuilder

Other than Quartz, customized Chartbuilder created charts have been seen in many publications:

Getting started with Chartbuilder

If you are not interested in customizing the styles of your charts use the hosted version:

To work on the Chartbuilder code, first download the project and install dependencies:

Download via github

  1. Make sure you have a recent version of node.js (0.12 or above) (or io.js)
  2. Download source (and unzip or clone using git)
  3. from the terminal navigate to the source folder (on a Mac: cd ~/Downloads/Chartbuilder-master/)
  4. Install the dependencies automatically by running npm install
  5. Start the included web server by running npm run dev
  6. Point your browser to http://localhost:3000/
  7. When you're done developing, build and deploy your Chartbuilder!

Making a chart with Charbuilder

Customizing your Chartbuilder


  • The Chartbuilder API docs document most of the React components, classes, and utilities in the code base.
Documentation for Chartbuilder's dependencies:


A front-end charting application that facilitates easy creation of simple beautiful charts







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