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common repo for MB520/MB525/MB526/
C C++ Makefile Objective-C Java Assembly Other
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DefyParts Add ukr lang to defyParts
audio_policy add liblog to
bluetooth_bluedroid Fix typo, hate my keyboard =/
bootstrap Fix boot problem for some devices
charge_only_mode move charge only binary to /system/bin
cmhw/org/cyanogenmod/hardware Add Long Term Orbits(LTO)
init Fix maxres for moto bravo
libcamera cleanup
libfnc add liblog to
libhealthd cap batteryLevel at 100%
liblights Enable ALS by default
libsensors update to 4.4 :)
modules/sources Cleanup
mot_boot_mode set only chargeonly mode prop
overlay Fix widescreen entry
power disable PowerHal for non interactive governor(YetAnotherForumUser patch)
prebuilt Cleanup
ramdisk Remove backports modules, move symlinks to 'on init'
releasetools Again fix..
tools Add recovery support to safestrapmenu by Volume up key. Add initial n…
.gitignore Add various generated files to .gitignore. Make unified build for MB520 and MB526 add vendor Cleanup Cleanup Add ecc numbers
recovery.fstab Switch to new partitions!
recovery_keys.c ICS Build: Fixes to be able to build :p
twrp.fstab Switch to new partitions!
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