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frameworks/base: enable meta mode for 7x27a video encoder

msm7627a family of chipsets supports only one input frame at
one time. camera expects the input frame to be released before
sending another frame. so send one input buffer and available
output bufefrs to video encoder component. release the input
buffer to camera (to get another frame) after receiving input
frame done callback from video encoder component.

Change-Id: I8fbc911f046ff7e2a3047dd65d8c09ac2d8608e1
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commit 270729314a8f781a449c977ce0c99adbdbd525af 1 parent 34ef3ac
Maheshwar Ajja authored rmcc committed
Showing with 6 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +6 −0 media/libmediaplayerservice/StagefrightRecorder.cpp
6 media/libmediaplayerservice/StagefrightRecorder.cpp
@@ -1559,6 +1559,12 @@ status_t StagefrightRecorder::setupVideoEncoder(
LOGW("Camera source supports metadata mode, create OMXCodec for metadata");
encoder_flags |= OMXCodec::kHardwareCodecsOnly;
encoder_flags |= OMXCodec::kStoreMetaDataInVideoBuffers;
+ if (property_get("ro.board.platform", value, "0")
+ && (!strncmp(value, "msm7627a", sizeof("msm7627a") - 1) ||
+ !strncmp(value, "msm7x27a", sizeof("msm7x27a") - 1))) {
+ LOGW("msm7627 family of chipsets supports, only one buffer at a time");
+ encoder_flags |= OMXCodec::kOnlySubmitOneInputBufferAtOneTime;
+ }
// Do not wait for all the input buffers to become available.
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