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2 parents 80937c9 + 749ded0 commit 8ac29d3b1cafc925f4af26f354e879ed056e3ed4 @Quarx2k committed Nov 9, 2012
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@@ -1387,4 +1387,7 @@
<string name="permdesc_sendMockSms">Permite ao aplicativo enviar mensagens fictícias de SMS.
Isto permite ao aplicativo enviar SMS aos aplicativos confiáveis. Aplicativos maliciosos podem enviar mensagens
continuamente, bloqueando o sistema de notificação do dispositivo e pertubando o usuário.</string>
+ <string name="global_actions_toggle_expanded_desktop_mode">Área de trabalho expandida</string>
+ <string name="global_actions_expanded_desktop_mode_on_status">Ativada</string>
+ <string name="global_actions_expanded_desktop_mode_off_status">Desativada</string>

1 comment on commit 8ac29d3

userdj commented on 8ac29d3 Nov 9, 2012

Quarx, I can see the need commits for Expanded desktop, but we havnt this function in the final build.
Why is that?

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