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DvTonder and others added some commits
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Utilize CID as ADB notification icon" into mr1-staging 80092c5
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging
@rmcc rmcc telephony: SignalStrengh: Don't calculate a LTE snr if the srq is inv…

If the previous values are invalid and signal quality is -1, chances are there's
no LTE signal at all, so don't calculate the SNR and mark it invalid as well.

This fixes the strength indicator in GSM devices where it was being skewed
by the ghost LTE value

Change-Id: I070573401c141aa99941a332ee256246697abb90
Daniel Hillenbrand Merge "implement noise suppression for phone calls (1/2)" into mr1-st…
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Switch to the new 4.2 handling of public symbols
With 4.2, non-api public symbols are now kept in the symbols.xml
file and no longer in the public.xml file.  This commit moves the
CyanogenMod required symbols to the proper file.

Thanks to PawitP for pointing it out

Change-Id: Ied3ea11c91eb8e8947a18b11b6d49f3a09bcbee5
@pawitp pawitp Make "SD Card removed" notification dismissible if the removed SD Car…
…d is not the primary storage

The Galaxy S uses the "external SD Card" as the extended storage
and it the notification should be dismissible as it's okay not
to have it.

Additionally, this patch also not hide the USB storage mount dialog
if the removed storage is not the primary storage

Adapted for JB 4.2

Change-Id: Ic752a3da917e0d7736a619fb68f07905106987fb
@pawitp pawitp Allow mounting of multiple volumes via mass storage (framework part)
(cherry-picked from CM10)

The volumes to mount is taken from storage_list.xml (allowMassStorage)
rather than ro.additionalmounts in CM7.

Hand ported from the following patches:

commit 0233209
Author: Tony Layher <>
Date:   Sun Jan 2 12:46:38 2011 -0500

    forward port of 93bb959 to allow mounting and sharing of mulitple volumes to MountService.

    Change-Id: I9fa3994e6e7b85360b451f57c1cdd4df921bc035

(the second part of the above patch was not ported)

commit 678fadf
Author: Josh Stone <>
Date:   Sun Nov 7 13:38:58 2010 -0800

    MountService: Remount all volumes after USB disconnect

    If USB was removed while UMS was enabled, the MountService was only
    remounting the primary share.  Any other shares, like the HTC Inc's
    emmc, were left in limbo.  This patch now iterates over *all* shared
    volumes to remount after disconnect.

    Change-Id: Ie6fd49ad80ba6fa0e4e194a386549cac786b4bbe
    Signed-off-by: Josh Stone <>

commit b1da9ed
Author: Josh Stone <>
Date:   Sat Jan 22 12:03:53 2011 -0800

    MountService: Only notify PackageManager for true ASEC changes

    MountService can be dealing with multiple mounts (emmc, sdcard), but
    only the EXTERNAL_STORAGE has any ASEC mounts on it.  Since the PMS
    updateExternalMediaStatus doesn't specify the path, we need to make sure
    it's only called for the real ASEC mount.  Otherwise we get into nasty
    race conditions when multiple mounts are coming and going, like during
    UMS transitions, and sdcard-installed apps tend to break.

    Change-Id: I85c6a601e84afd30b44270b0892686c2d864ce8d

commit c8c58f3
Author: Josh Stone <>
Date:   Sun Mar 6 12:34:50 2011 -0800

    MountService: Unmount secondary volumes more carefully

    Use the same message handler for unmounting both the ASEC external-
    storage path and any secondary paths like emmc.  This seems to help with
    additional race conditions encountered on Inc.

    Change-Id: Icca71756fa6721bd85da1f35b8b8c7fc7caa1eb1

commit 47495ab
Author: atinm <>
Date:   Sun Apr 10 14:50:41 2011 -0400

    Allow multiple shareable SD Cards by using getShareableVolumes()
    to get all the volumes that are shareable and allowing
    sharing/unsharing for all of them rather than just the hardcoded
    getExternalStorage calls.

    Unmount immediately if PM is not updating and not an ASEC
    mount. Change from Josh Stone.
    Change-Id: Iaf1a7a4484deac373e1c1d7bf16d5f22ca49fd64

    Only allow package manager for sdcard (packages aren't on
    external card).

    Change-Id: I0d148ea52dc1285905a9dd061d1ceedcfb761b52

    Take out extra logging.

    Change-Id: I6beb007700ef4be04c3eb273bbf2069c87b30011

Change-Id: I5ea83afeda6cdaf63dd15857b3827bb00afbd6d2
@burnsra burnsra Forward port Status Bar interface
Patch Set 1: Signal / Clock / Battery / Notification Count
Patch Set 2: Updated commit message

Change-Id: Iecd4bb06b95b14888916331f5d36327f3206aeef
@aleho aleho input: Fix workaround for broken hardware keyboard support
Using a wrong reference to mHardKeyboardAvailable caused device config
to never report physical keyboards.

Change-Id: I9b64e2d89512436c17fa8929464e2b727fba1cf3
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 3784643
@burnsra burnsra Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
Change-Id: Ia1859c51d71ef9d01cec2d13c6468ed89c6ac53e
Contributor: jonasl
@FaultException FaultException framework: port "fix notification icons not animating till ticker is …

Change-Id: I42d33568fe200089e6dd72c5178d21ad2d76682c
@tpruvot tpruvot Port "Option to hide Adb notification icon (2/2)"
Change-Id: I63bfb7e4b4f0ac4d4d4c3da68ea767e8a37babdd
Naveen Kalla Do not set the network mode differently for LTE+CDMA
ro.telephony.default_network can be set if needed to set a different
value for LTE+CDMA. No need to hardcode preferred network mode in the source code.

Change-Id: Iae65f72a6a3bc31d500c5ecec87368a6f2a5d117


Uma Maheswari Ramalingam frameworks/base: Support for LTE network modes
Change-Id: I93c102f92ff2d10856d91108bb50fe5c0f06ad66
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Forward port Long press back to kill app
Original author: DaneshM

Change-Id: I54f4fb861897fe713cffa15422535c5091a0c095
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 5e3e7e0
@rmcc rmcc @hide API change from themes
Change-Id: Ia0798346d2e8e5a84e8456bb89b7d503a71a7afa
@rmcc rmcc Merge commit 'android-4.2.1_r1' into mr1-staging
Change-Id: I1f5dddb99c9d381607124ae963fdadf990715e18
Christopher Tate Cache resource ID lookups in aapt
This speeds up certain workloads considerably, particularly
those involved in buildling apps via the SDK.  Windows-based
use should particularly benefit from the change.

Change-Id: I29f4b3a77400b201ee219729cc28a5e359c0c5e8
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "framework: port "fix notification icons not animating till tic…
…ker is updated"" into mr1-staging
@dasunsrule32 dasunsrule32 Port "Add resource to disable the CM Phone IME selector method"
Change-Id: I6fb482e227bf1de4799923cc952d4e3c8ad0d037
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 796181e
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge changes I93c102f9,Ie28b6bab into mr1-staging
* changes:
  frameworks/base: Support for LTE network modes
  Do not set the network mode differently for LTE+CDMA
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 492b678
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Forward port Power widget fixes and fix disabling
This commit fixes the ability to disable/hide the power widget on CM10.1, hide
the widget by default and forward ports a few other related fixes:

Author: Danesh
1) Notification Widgets : Fix vibration
The initial value of the array determines how long till the vibration starts,
and second value determines how long to leave it on till.

Since config_virtualKeyVibePattern is in an overlay and we cannot rely on its consitency,
we check the length of the array, and based on it execute the appropriate vibration.

2) NotificationPowerWidget : Snap widgets
Snap widgets in place, rather than allowing partial widgets

3) Framework Track Control : Switch from broadcast to audio service
Ordered broadcast is unreliable. Switch to using the Audio Service's
dispatchMediaKeyWithWakeLockToAudioService as it sends the event to the correct receiver.

4) AutoRotateButton : Minor cleanup
Use setRotationLock to avoid code duplication and staying consistent with framework

Change-Id: I0b5d1853781a7e6541a4a6283e13f8072d9972b3
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Restore Keyguard-obsolete to AOSP state
Some of the CM features code got merged into the obsolete keyguard
code, revert to pure AOSP state.

Change-Id: I6980f9254b49cf1208dd1536f625951d804445ae
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging e6dc1da
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Cache resource ID lookups in aapt" into mr1-staging 217fe28
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Make "SD Card removed" notification dismissible if the removed…
… SD Card is not the primary storage" into mr1-staging
@burnsra burnsra Port "Fix display of mobile status bar icon when using airplane mode"
Change-Id: Icb5b33008f97eaefd67bb4e5acd1e38bcf2dcb70
@blunden blunden Framework: Use holo alert drawables
Replaces the current usage of the GB alert
drawable with theme-consistent holo ones.

Change-Id: I8594ef8276db5bb0e192f3a541937d7281321043
@blunden blunden Improve tethering notification icons
Replaces the stock icons with the ones I submitted as part of in CM9.

Change-Id: Iecfae9ad579c6c9ae06da0a08b61e9359a8a37b0
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Framework: Use holo alert drawables" into mr1-staging f269a6f
@blunden blunden Remove GB alert drawable from reboot menu
Change-Id: I77cd3fabaed76c6cdd1ba051d628254c2f79974c
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Remove GB alert drawable from reboot menu" into mr1-staging bf79e38
@Danesh Danesh Camera : Powerkey shutter (1/2)
Allows user to take use power key to take pictures/videos

Change-Id: I85a1e1761199f4604672be42a3a5005227f5451a
@pawitp pawitp PackageManager: fix app lib migration for device with /datadata
For devices using /datadata, dataPathString will point
to /datadata while nativeLibraryDir will point to /data/data.
Thus, compare to /data/data directly to avoid problems.

Change-Id: I11149cf9cc5a573cc85513e12d3569b514f5ffb5
@chirayudesai chirayudesai Power menu: allow enabling user switcher
Change-Id: I089efbf2bec2339cb2630e597aa3778b6100c9c0
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Forward port Fix Profiles Insecure lock screen not working
This fixes Issue 6226: The insecure lockscreen setting is not being activated with
the use of profiles if the default is secure (PIN or Password)

Change-Id: Iaba6d39df0000da073c3ea0c35de1c78f63ad08d
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Forward port Fixes
1)  NPE in Power penu

This fixes the NPE when the Reboot item is disabled and the Profiles
switcher is not

2) NPE in notification manager if profiles disabled

No active profile group is returned and a NPE is triggered when a
notification override is being set

Change-Id: I5fa003ce08daf5ef86ddeca5d432dcea2e34a718
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Forward port the ability to enable/disable keyguard with P…

This commit adds a few missing pieces needed to support the bypassing of the
keyguard via a profile

Change-Id: I557b80e6de62687b05c434a31083c331127a0398
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Forward port Battery light support and fixes
Change-Id: Ic81d3ffb7548c7b7e34ffecd2f9db781f13b705d
@rmcc rmcc Underp public API... again
Change-Id: Ibb8d74cec9de3c2227451d33f3fe4ce82a731514
@nebkat nebkat Remove power widget background
Change-Id: I314642782525fc441a651cc2b48b227f663dfeed
@burnsra burnsra Underp the Underp public API... again
Change-Id: I7841c3c4d58dc224dc0e83f46b06cb1de93987a2
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Remove power widget background" into mr1-staging 62cf1eb
@rmcc rmcc Port "Bind VolUp+VolDown to toggle the ringer"
Squash of and

Change-Id: Ied3767969482a7ea44f7f0e9222a2f78fe8f507c
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 7b2234f
@mkasick mkasick AudioService: Don't adjust volume when vol-downing to vibrate or silent
Pressing vol-down to vibrate or silent would (previously) still adjust the
stream volume, setting the last audible volume to 0, which is not allowed
for voice-capable devices.  Thus, the last audible volume would reset to
default on reboot if on vibrate/silent or the lowest volume setting.

By not adjusting volume when vol-downing to vibrate or silent on
voice-capable devices, the last audible volume is always preserved across
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging d9b5268
@nadlabak nadlabak wifi: add rx filter init to fix broken unicast/broadcast (tiwlan)
- rx filters were broken for older tiwlan driver that expects
  unicast and broadcast filters to be added
- after an UPnP app was started (causing rx filtering enabled),
  both unicast and broadcast data packets were being dropped till
  wifi driver restart
- TODO: this should be better done directly in the driver code, but
  I haven't seen a clean way how to do it, so it's done in framework
  for now

Change-Id: I3285f17912d457cf03b8b6f469d5e089da7200c1
Vitaly Wool Prevent scanning during DHCP process
Wi-Fi should be in active state during the entire DHCP process, and
shouldn't go to IEEE 802.11 power save mode. If the framework requests
scan during the DHCP process, the Wi-Fi chip has to start scanning
on channels different from the current one, and going to power save
mode is a prerequisite for scan. The result directly impacts user
experience: DHCP process takes longer, and even can fail.

Change-Id: I8171388bb70072e4c42cb3c074dd955da84e494b
@TomGiordano TomGiordano framework: fix screenshot and rotation animation for devices with abn…
…ormal hw rotation

Change-Id: I42694931cb1a754aa6c7652c0a96304ef1f88492
@rmcc rmcc Telephony: Add getLteOnGsmMode() method (1/2)
Same functionality as the existing getLteOnCdmaMode, but for GSM
LTE devices.
Enable with the telephony.lteOnGsmDevice system property

From CM 10.0: Ibfb47ca608e51393b99d3308e0a6c66050b3f32e
- Moved getLteOnGsmModeStatic() to TelephonyManager.
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "PackageManager: fix app lib migration for device with /datadat…
…a" into mr1-staging
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Allow mounting of multiple volumes via mass storage (framework…
… part)" into mr1-staging
@felixb felixb fix airplane mode in profiles
switch from Settings.System to Settings.Global

Change-Id: I2e719ba881dc192ce5695edafc47e48f1122f3bb
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 5326cc7
@jt1134 jt1134 add bools to overlay for Samsung CDMA SMS decoding hacks
ported from CM7/9/10

required by :

Change-Id: I28093cdb8770f98b94cedbff63e6121c798cf9af
@jurikaur jurikaur Samsung STK support
Change-Id: I08d169bc466df290fca838b09f6b0fbea2ac82a8
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging eaa581d
@Arasthel Arasthel Modified Quicksettings to act just like Power Widget. Fixed Power Wid…
…get Sleep toggle with the help of Danesh M and David van Tonder

The code for QuickSettings has been rewritten using quicksettings.QuickSettings and QuickSettingsController classes.

Patch set 1-15: 	Original commits
Patch set 16:   	Re-arrange button order
Patch set 17-20:	Rewritten toggles

Change-Id: I7dcdca925970d816671e60ee01f393d71ce36581
@DvTonder DvTonder Audioservice: Fix Theme engine support
A few more instances of mVolumePanel.postXXXX had to be enclosed in a
null pointer avoidance wrapper.

Change-Id: I60a0544b5a785417af1ea61e7322b06f2748876b
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 563d48c
@cyanogen cyanogen gps: Add support for Qualcomm GPS hardware
 * This ABI is changed, but we aren't using the new features in MR1.
 * Add a little translation for the changed fields and methods.

Change-Id: Ieecc2235b42f64fc69d4651855f4e9edfe7d738d
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Modified Quicksettings to act just like Power Widget. Fixed Po…
…wer Widget Sleep toggle with the help of Danesh M and David van Tonder" into mr1-staging
@mkasick mkasick PowerWidget: Re-enable LTE button.
- Implement toggleLTE,
  from CM 10.0: I3f7521f5ec4e9f9106c58afd4d5b10c7086b55fd.
- Support all LTE network modes defined in RILConstants and
- Cleanup: Remove unused LTE_MODE, restrict state change to updateState.
- Also use Settings.Global.getInt() for PREFERRED_NETWORK_MODE.

Change-Id: I43bb2491d650d641d243d3cb67ee80bc7c8f5cdf
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 8efa0cf
@Quarx2k add ro.wpa6_upnp_hack 5fc3fa0
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Use the proper context when creating Bug report dialog
Change-Id: I0dfa96db1d8857207a7871f846126121331a633c
@tpruvot tpruvot Framework: Forward port ADB over network (Part 2 of 2)
- ADB Over Network, integration of the adb-host mode (already present)
  The feature can be used/tested without the Settings part:

    setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555

  Note: This ADB setting is not persistent (for security purpose) and
  require init.rc implementation event like this :

  Author: Tanguy Pruvot
  Id: I5c61a53948349c785356cb5aae165110d75e3074

Change-Id: I101216c5b8ddff5040d9eeaf35afefc5cd98bbf3
@Sven-Dawitz Sven-Dawitz SystemUI: Forward port Statusbar Clock and Date actions
Patch set 1-2: Initial port
Patch set 3  : Fixes date click action
Patch set 4  : Remove unused import

- Add onClick action to notification clock and date
  In expanded StatusBar
  - clicking clock opens alarms
  - clicking date opens calendar - today selected
  Id: I850732dcca0e65af59ce009aaf9f7ba18bcaf915

- Add onLongClick action to notication clock and date
  - As discussed with ciwrl on google+, LongClick opens DateTimeSettings
  - Moved on-touch color change to superior xml solution, as suggested by
    Andrew Boren <> here:"
  Id: I1fae71e347ffcb786227ba0b2651a66f2df35e27

- Add SET_ALARM permission for SystemUI
  If one or more third-party alarm clock app is installed, clicking clock should
  open an app chooser for the alarm clock. However, permission for is required to make this behaviour
  work properly.

Change-Id: Iaf8cb9aba6e53da021da5373493b1419096e91fa
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "SystemUI: Forward port Statusbar Clock and Date actions" into …
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Framework: Use the proper context when creating Bug report dia…
…log" into mr1-staging
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging f05c866
@felixb felixb migrate vibrator to silent mode settings (1/2)
Change profiles:
* remove deprecated vibrator settings
* add silent mode settings

Available modes:
* off
* vibrate
* silent

Patch Set 1:
Initial patch with plain ListPreference

Patch Set 2:
Use Checkbox + Dialog like ConnectionSettings

Patch Set 3:
Fix code style

Change-Id: Ic5ec3486070866b7358f843a0843ccd0753e8c72
Daniel Hillenbrand Merge "Samsung STK support" into mr1-staging 6cb6a6a
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "migrate vibrator to silent mode settings (1/2)" into mr1-staging 8339e08
@Danesh Danesh Framework : Lockscreen - Customizable shortcuts
Patchset 1 : Initial port
Patchset 2 : Disable magneticTargets
Patchset 3 : Disable firstOffset
Patchset 4-5 : Cherry pick 10.0 commits

---------------- Squashed Commits ------------------

Allow users to choose lockscreen shortcuts / icons :
	Phone - 1-5 targets
	Tablets - 1-8 targets

CM10 port
Patchset 1-8: Initial port
Patchset 9  : Revert to CM9 drawables
Patchset 10 : Rebase

Change-Id: I9b163efeef8f47b1d21f7f61552ebe424049cfeb

Fix all upscaled lockscreen drawables and add a few

Several of the original CM9 drawables were upscaled
from a lower quality source. I rescaled some from the
originals and recreated the missing ones in vector
format plus added some new ones.

Change-Id: I112c35cf087daf0679a12bdad89258121dedeb0c

Lockscreen : Update camera availability check
Make the default availability of the target dependant on the
availability of a camera rather than the presense of a predefined resource.

Also update .Camera to .CameraLauncher since that is what we default too.

Change-Id: Ib3f06cc76fb7f7df20ec632051d5dbe754a9c69e

LockscreenShortcuts : Fix minor bugs

Fixes :

      - Inability to have contacts/direct dials..etc on lockscreen (
      - Multiple activities of same type on stack.

Change-Id: I6c2c3e1c87239267601d78eb38778d0388f4a41c

Lockscreen : Fix blank target highlight

Mismatched file/image.

Change-Id: I7cd898646124114a855d0fc1589251cbc6fc72fa


Change-Id: I9b163efeef8f47b1d21f7f61552ebe424049cfeb
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 0352d61
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Remove orphaned Theme related code
Change-Id: I930d4cc75e655c5bc37532e6a1425d27bd1ee661
@burnsra burnsra Forward port CM Screen Security settings (Part 2 of 2)
Patch Set 1:	Quick Unlock
Patch Set 2:	Lockscreen Vibrate
Patch Set 3:	Slide Lock Delay
Patch Set 4:	Menu Unlock
Patch Set 5:    Rebase
Patch Set 6:    Home Unlock

Change-Id: Ie1ccaec43ca75474e92f96c60e15d7b75796ac5f
@pawitp pawitp keyguard: fix layout for 320dp devices
800x480px dpi devices have less screen space than the xhdpi devices
Google designed the layout for and the layout needs adjustment.

- Reduce the lockscreen security container size such that the clock
  widget has enough space to display its content.
- In the SIM PIN/PUK view, Google put an empty widget on top, but
  we don't have space for that, increase its size such that the
  widget practically disappears.

This should not have any effect on devices with larger screens.

Change-Id: I9e811cfd312abae24a9cad189d19e73848f6c4c1
@Danesh Danesh CidBean : Changes to toggle between CID and Jellybean
Based on Robert Burns commit from 10.0

Patchset 2 : Remove unused imports
Patchset 3 : Format cleanup

Change-Id: I2827425681463d4ca077607cb6a043c28bf6f633
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 6b7c667
@optedoblivion optedoblivion WebSettings: Add to default user agent.
Change-Id: Ic14a1626ab7bec26297e2041bdcfb26ca7b3a440
@Bajee11 Bajee11 SystemUI: HSPA+ Support
Add the ability to recognize HSPA+ by creating a separate case for HSPAP and
include new H+ icons.

Signed-off-by: Bajee11 <>
Change-Id: I889a28e4b4cb49862b291641df5a00388db87551
@NewbyJE NewbyJE core and telephony: Additional HSPAP support
Change-Id: I5e921d2308d873678d6ef67a91cff50d383a176b
@felixb felixb Profiles: Airplanmode Settings with Checkbox (1/2)
Change Airplanemode Settings to look like Connection/SilentMode etc.

Change-Id: Ic340c4eac22b1c94dd5f7a94a9608e98c76a0e98
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "keyguard: fix layout for 320dp devices" into mr1-staging f84e114
@doopl doopl Hardware key custom rebinding (1/2)
Framework changes to allow rebinding of the actions performed on the following
key press events: Home long-press, menu press, menu long-press, search press,
search long-press, app-switch press and app-switch long-press.

The available actions are: Nothing, open/close menu, recent apps switcher,
search assistant, voice search and in-app search.

Patch Set 1: Initial port from ICS [done by Konstantin Koslowski]
Patch Set 2: Added 'assist' (search) key customisation
             Option for ICS-style in-app search, in addition to jellybean-style
             search assistant.
             Fixed double haptic feedback on virtual key press.
Patch Set 3: Checkbox to enable/disable all custom bindings.
             Home long-press defaults to no action on devices with
             an app-switch key.
Patch Set 4: The recent apps list will be preloaded on the initial down press
             of whichever key to which it is bound.
Patch Set 5: Fixed menu virtual key press sometimes performing the custom
             action bound to the menu key instead of just opening or closing
             the menu as it should.


Change-Id: I72c0d220a09d79230bfa299e0521ed693e5c25f1
@jt1134 jt1134 LockScreen: allow long-press actions from hardware keys (1/2)
Allow following actions with button long-presses on lockscreen:
- toggle flashlight (if available)
- play/pause/next/previous track selection
- toggle silent mode

Allow customizing of back, menu, and home buttons. Search
button events are completely ignored on the lockscreen.

Auto-detect hardware keys, only show appropriate menu
options based on the actual hardware keys available on the
device (or completely hide if there are no hardware keys).

Based largely on Danny Baumann's work from gingerbread.

Ported from CM10

Change-Id: Iff32736d00ca5d4122f64a6a861bbb0a1de9cca9
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/mr1-staging' into mr1-staging 76dfd2e
@DvTonder DvTonder SystemUI: Open Quick Settings panel if there are no active notifications
This is ported from AOKP and described as follows:

  If there are no notifications that belong to the current user, then automatically
  open the quick settings menu (like the two-finger open). It only ignores the ADB
  icon for now (which is pretty useless) but could be extended to ignore the usb
  mounting one or maybe another?
  Author: Roman Birg <> AOKP
  AOKP Github: commit 2eb664a

The CM version of the commit respects the Power widget enabled settings and will
only display this behaviour if the Power widget is disabled.

Change-Id: Ie0c22167ebc6fd3152335c4148dbb7c65bfce46f
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "LockScreen: allow long-press actions from hardware keys (1/2)"…
… into mr1-staging
@DvTonder DvTonder SystemUI: Tweak number of notifications detection method
Change-Id: Ibd46fa5039e1d3062dcdb8f3c4dbd9ec1bdc73b0
@Danesh Danesh GlowPadView : Re-enable magneticTargets
Re-enable magneticTargets and add logic to make it
compatible with lockscreen shortcuts.

Change-Id: I523141f03566804888fde08a116f73ea62ca523e
@pawitp pawitp android.policy: Fix launching home when waking the device with the ho…
…me button again

Was removed in b055725

Change-Id: I19b5db8e64d7e547f4013ab8df7ff879d1a51167
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "framework: fix screenshot and rotation animation for devices w…
…ith abnormal hw rotation" into mr1-staging
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Profiles: Airplanmode Settings with Checkbox (1/2)" into mr1-s…
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "GlowPadView : Re-enable magneticTargets" into mr1-staging 3860981
@rmcc rmcc Merge "Framework: Remove orphaned Theme related code" into mr1-staging 0e7cfa1
@StevenHarperUK StevenHarperUK Add Dock USB Audio Support for Samsung Car / Desk Docks 1 of 2.
Ported from CM10, original patch:

Also includes patches:
DockAudio: Always route audio back to normal on undock.

Bugfix: Dock events can have state greater than 1


Samsung docks have a non-sensing USB adio port.
Samsung get around this by having a separate Setting to route the Audio
The Changes made will only add the extra Observer if the Kernel supports the endpoint


A new BroadcastReciever (SettingsChangedReceiver) is used to watch out for users changing the

The choice is made in the GalaxyS2Settings.apk (see 2 of 2)


After OnBootComplete and when the checkbox is changed, an Intent is triggered to this class.

When a Dock Event is caught if it is one the Samsung endpoint "dock" then if the users preference is
then the event is allowed to go on and route the audio.  If it is not checked then it is ignored.

Change-Id: I8e8f5001d5c651b07bb6af496bbf806732be21fa
@blunden blunden QuickSettings: New icons better matching stock
There icons should match the stock feel a bit better
in terms of size, design and color.

Change-Id: I1c8e6af9e48569e1c227c081495f70607cfe6d2b
@pawitp pawitp DefaultContainerService: implement additional methods
For usage in Settings->Storage

Change-Id: I2d45198cc6ea3b84af1547873380eae2c04c0b93
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Quick Settings customization (Part 2 of 2) WIP!
This commit will alow loading the Quick Settings tiles layout from
a layout that is configured in Settings.

Patchset 3 - Restore Settings tile to AOSP location

Change-Id: Id4e4353dee68b8ca434dfa64d1f88737792a2e28
@takuo takuo Japanese: initial japanese translation port from CM10 0f567fb
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging 6ed5007
@nebkat nebkat Revert "SystemUI: Open Quick Settings panel if there are no active no…

This reverts commit 0031e6c.


Change-Id: I6981416a8aa769663f471f2a536196af7ee7e70d
@nebkat nebkat SystemUI: Pull down QS if x > 70% width
Change-Id: Ic41d331e8f0166484b124e91a8ed8e904ff38edb
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging 6906dec
@Danesh Danesh Port "Framework Track Control : Switch from broadcast to audio service"
Ordered broadcast is unreliable.
Switch to using the Audio Service's dispatchMediaKeyWithWakeLockToAudioService
as it sends the event to the correct receiver.

Patchset 2 - Switch power widgets over as well
Patchset 3 - Rename handler 'what' message to be more consistent
Patchset 4 - Fix renaming mishap

Change-Id: I022720a551b94637f7b16258dfb6a22234bcb736
@pvolkov pvolkov Port Russian Translation from CM10 to CM10.1-SystemUI [WIP] 205fb10
@Danesh Danesh QuickSettings : Dismiss keyguard upon ActivityLaunch
Dismiss keyguard if launching activity

Change-Id: I850d719c188faf9e3e06c3944287d817cdacbdd6
@Danesh Danesh QuickSettings : Add torch tile
Patchset 2 : New torch drawables (Björn Lundén)

Change-Id: I0831266d503195ee249a85d0d728bdae321e56cd
@Danesh Danesh QuickSettings : Add longpress for Torch Tile
Add long press capability to torch tile + Fix string mishap

Change-Id: I760c54b9abfe5e549a29b0f06660a6bf84f1d200
@blunden blunden QuickSettings: Add light grey QS drawables for use in Settings
Change-Id: I293aaff06e5c604a01138f30297c01d98de9430e
@pawitp pawitp framework: Allow specifying max wallpaper width
For some devices with very high-res screen (1920x1200), the wallpaper
width suggested by the launcher may be too large for the GPU and so
we need to limit it. (2048 for the above mentioned screen)

We don't need to limit the height since that's the height of the

Change-Id: I5b25bd931db0b2610e260921f28b92d8b0966aa6
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging 49c4067
@kreed kreed Add Colemak keyboard layout
Change-Id: I203b92e56522bc7b3014195d5d83dc1fdb3cab15
@mljjlm mljjlm Danish Translation Correction
Same as in CM10 - "Starting Apps." is not the same as "How to start your apps."

Change-Id: Iaaeeb896ed4bdfe2807b0799285345c14bf21995
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "QuickSettings: Add light grey QS drawables for use in Settings…
…" into cm-10.1
@Sven-Dawitz Sven-Dawitz 4.2 Transition: Notification Header datetime click
- Fixes tiny clickable area for much smaller 4.2 date string
- remaps clock behavior:
  - click does open deskclock now - same as clicking clock widgets now does
  - long click jumps directly to alarm setup

Change-Id: Ib196ad45681ce3563eca2a1d353f45f4f68867d2
@rmcc rmcc Merge "framework: Allow specifying max wallpaper width" into cm-10.1 9eb5b7a
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "4.2 Transition: Notification Header datetime click" into cm-10.1 7357ea8
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Port "Framework Track Control : Switch from broadcast to audio…
… service"" into cm-10.1
@KonstaT KonstaT Port "Option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys (1/2)"
This feature is moved to framework so it also works with third party keyboards.
Patch Set 3: Added missin @hide statements

Change-Id: I8e20240e7bee5351ab20bb3d701eb95a5fd3e112
@Danesh Danesh QuickSettings : Wifi-AP Tile
Patchset 2 : Cleanup
Patchset 3 : More cleanup and old comment removal
Patchset 4 : Switch to the WifiManager rather than Power Widget
             Better state handling between WiFi AP and WiFi
             WiFi now turns on again if it was on before
Patchset 5 : Revert Power Widget change from Ps1, no longer needed

Change-Id: I5bd59df37ed3094f5ba253a97fd86aa426b98b39
@blunden blunden Framework: Add option to always show battery status on lockscreen (1/2)
Based on the feature by burnsra in CM7

Authored by Blunden
Tweaked by DvTonder


Patchset 1-8: Initial code
Patchset 9  : Minor tweaks

Change-Id: I642da4dcd82a776a74d77031d37acc76f97b25af

@jt1134 jt1134 Fix home/menu unlock with long press hardware key
- Forward port of commit 2a572ee

Change-Id: Ic2eb85542f8052fe1662244fe5e72ba12a98608b
@rmcc rmcc Merge "DefaultContainerService: implement additional methods" into cm…
@burnsra burnsra Fix profile broadcast
Change-Id: I68251d16c371e3e1a4ec33f921d40d2d81df1139
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging c76aa0f
@kristofpetho kristofpetho Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother in no…
…n-holo apps

The loading "spinner" animation is quite jerky by default when the progress xml's from
drawable are called in applications that don't use the holo progress animation. The holo
"spinner" animation is already smooth by default. This makes every other "spinner"
animation smooth.

We've been changing this value in all ROM's we release, both AOSP and CM based ones
as well as stock ROM's, since it gives a more polished look to the entire system. In the past
3 years we've been using this small tweak we have not noticed anything that would
adversely affect battery life or system operations as a whole.

Rebased to cm-10.1 by Kristof Petho

Change-Id: I617d197c2ff4f1a27e96dbc206c24c27036e18d6
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Fix profile broadcast" into cm-10.1 38c11fd
@DvTonder DvTonder Quick Settings : Fix Sound tile
This commit removes the deprecated VIBRATE related code and uses
the proper 4.x api/settings to toggle the ringer states.  It also
now shows the proper state on reboot.

Patchset 2 : Remove deprecated (non functioning) VIBRATE_IN_SILENT

Change-Id: Iec3e59e79c7ed686f8ff33f9cfdeb892ff70b151
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Quick Settings : Fix Sound tile" into cm-10.1 f3933ea
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Add Dock USB Audio Support for Samsung Car / Desk Docks 1 of 2…
…." into cm-10.1
@mkasick mkasick Port wimax support changes from CM9.
- Register WiMax service in ContextImpl (fixes 4G toggle).
- Fix misdocumented EXTRA_4G_STATE in WimaxManagerConstants.
- Share wimaxClassLoader between WimaxHelper and ConnectivityService.
  permissions to SystemUI.

Note that WimaxManagerConstants was previously misdocumented, confabulating
the lookup key EXTRA_4G_STATE ("4g_state") with EXTRA_WIMAX_STATUS
("wimax_status"), which no longer exists.  This is also fixed.

Change-Id: I4f5973e7bd2ff4c860036df0f38589b34ad72b49
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Add Colemak keyboard layout" into cm-10.1 1835811
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Danish Translation Correction" into cm-10.1 5fb79cb
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Japanese: initial japanese translation port from CM10" into cm…
@brisma brisma Italian translation for frameworks/base
* Fixed one string
* Compiled without warnings/errors

Change-Id: Ifd22c7e56e5e522066b0a5debf9d6e6c4d4e18fe
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Port Russian Translation from CM10 to CM10.1-SystemUI [WIP]" i…
…nto cm-10.1
@jt1134 jt1134 Camera: add ISO mode support
Change-Id: Ied2075f950269990d836fc768b2c6c36088d494f
D4rKn3sSyS "Clear all" button on recent apps
    Ported from ParanoidAndroid by zigackly:

    Add button to tablet layout ported from Codename Android by zigackly:

    Patch set 2: Make the layout consistent, with the button at the top right.

    Patch set 3: Remove the redundant use of removeTask()

    Patch set 4: Top right layout does not work in tablet mode: make it top left for tablets only.

    Patch set 5: Different implementation (No need to keep track of views) - Danesh M

    Patch set 6: Top left layout no longer works for tablet mode with new implementation.
                 Make it bottom left for tablets only.

Change-Id: Iceb86eef41160f1c17e51463b37fd97e27acfb2e


Change-Id: I5f3827299866a951e657ce64bea7c5f31c34ef9e
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge ""Clear all" button on recent apps" into cm-10.1 b99fc61
@Danesh Danesh QuickSettings : Auto-rotate toggle fixes
Use RotationPolicy to avoid unecessary code and stay consistent
with rest of the system.

Change-Id: Id3532c10db5f6fc9c2a97ffb809c2c3674f16918
László Dávid Status bar brightness control from CM10 (1/2)
Change-Id: Ida526bf19e56d549f7cc75c47466e6953295d888
@Danesh Danesh Merge "Status bar brightness control from CM10 (1/2)" into cm-10.1 385ad47
@Danesh Danesh QuickSettings : Dismiss notification panel upon toggle
Automatically dismisses the notification panel after selecting a toggle,
if the option is enabled.

Patchset 2 : Rename to "panel"
             Rename onclick/onlongclick to mOnClick/mOnLongClick

Change-Id: Iaf211db99e45ef464cbc59aa2ee26899f1e44d22
@burnsra burnsra Fix airplane mode
Change-Id: I9259e6e90c7f67cf5fc31a8a3626917e41214379
@pawitp pawitp Toast: fix force close if called from system service
If a toast is created from a system service, an application context
will not be available, use the service context instead.


Change-Id: Ic643f4557fa04476819cd2c3ee640b735eeae429
David Ng ActivityTrigger: New class to invoke when activity starts/resumes
Change-Id: Ib57aa4d3767e27b5bba658b27e084fc3ef042c36
@Entropy512 Entropy512 wifi: Allow Settings to retrieve country code
This makes getCountryCode behave like getFrequencyBand

This allows Settings to get/set country code like
it can for frequency band.

Change-Id: Id9f00d3a678642c6c142fd1511af820d729507a7
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Call Ring mode what Google calls it, not Silent mode (2 of 2)
Silent mode -> Ring mode cleanup

Change-Id: I929f7d1699b623b4a93608dd32786ebc2691b51b
@Sven-Dawitz Sven-Dawitz QuickSettings: Added ProfileTile (2/2)
- Adds the option for a Profile Tile to System settings
- Profile tile will show selected profile
- On click a profile selection will pop up

Patchset 2:
  Using blundens profile png resource
  fixing broadcast
  adding longClick action to updated system settings
Patchset 3:
  only show tile, if profiles are enabled
Patchset 4:
  removed reduntant check
  removed reduntant parameter from constructor

Change-Id: I74548af63531a245c700cc5b50f97919de7cfcf8
@pvolkov pvolkov Update Russian Translation-CM10.1 bf3f2a7
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Toast: fix force close if called from system service" into cm-…
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Fix Profiles Insecure lock screen not working (take 2)
Change-Id: I16744dc6523787dbe011a9a0a8d61b0702b62344
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "QuickSettings: Added ProfileTile (2/2)" into cm-10.1 84c2f46
@pawitp pawitp SystemUI: fix delay in applying am/pm setting for notification clock
When changing AM/PM display setting for status bar clock, the
clock in the notification dropdown will not apply that setting
until a reboot.

Change-Id: I1bceb411ba51e17a9c4890c6f24d6adb08a8788d
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "SystemUI: fix delay in applying am/pm setting for notification…
… clock" into cm-10.1
@gh123man gh123man Add support for HW Rotation Lock
Forward ported from jellybean

Change-Id: I75fb9fa33541eb6acedd62a67e74977b36768390
Gustavo PT-BR: Added missing translations + Merge from CM10
Change-Id: I13d3b079276d1bc81450d7c06de3072738041f8e
@pvolkov pvolkov Update Russian Translation-CM10.1 78782aa
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "PT-BR: Added missing translations + Merge from CM10" into cm-10.1 984ce59
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Update Russian Translation-CM10.1" into cm-10.1 d6ec2b2
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Add support for HW Rotation Lock" into cm-10.1 23a0d0f
@ygorigor ygorigor frameworks/base: romanian translations ported from CM10
SystemUI: updated romanian translation

Change-Id: Id057e1d5613296ccf6b41721b5e8837e3326b3fb
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "frameworks/base: romanian translations ported from CM10 System…
…UI: updated romanian translation" into cm-10.1
László Dávid Fix FindBugs issues
IntProperty: Infinite recursive loop
SQLiteSession: Null pointer dereference
UsbStoreActivity: Null pointer derefence
LocationManagerService: No relationship between generic parameter and method argument
ActivityManagerService: Call to equals() comparing different types
ChooseAccountTypeActivity: Possible null pointer dereference
RuimRecords: Possible null pointer derefence

Change-Id: I9d631c50c30eb98e32cca5a5085513b6904db676
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Fix FindBugs issues" into cm-10.1 fbf03e1
@Jacob-DK Jacob-DK frameworks_base: Danish translation
Change-Id: I4557b6e0a8520c1a2d1a43f3d145c648bb99c682
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "frameworks_base: Danish translation" into cm-10.1 ba8afc5
@jackmu95 jackmu95 Frameworks: German translation forward port CM10 ==> CM10.1
Patch Set 1:	* initial German translation for the framework part
		* add translation for Quick settings

Patch set 2:    * add HW Rotation Lock
		* add QS Profile Title
                * shortend a string

Patch set 3:    * fix derp

Patch set 4:    * remove WIP tag

Change-Id: I8ad0da0365f188e3412c94ba3656a29b8a669141
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Frameworks: German translation forward port CM10 ==> CM10.1" i…
…nto cm-10.1
@brisma brisma Italian translation for frameworks/base (Update)
Change-Id: I0b91b12aa5b84289bc8387a2385b152988afc32f
@niko0o niko0o frameworks: updated finnish translations
Change-Id: I41cd3eb312394ad2234f6a9d1aa02c67bc33eae5
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "frameworks: updated finnish translations" into cm-10.1 7f37726
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Italian translation for frameworks/base (Update)" into cm-10.1 fd5bc5b
Xin Qi framework: fix reference leak in activiy manager
Change-Id: If7f27ea35f5a1d1dd7c98fbe5f92729ab9ba0257
djMesias es_ES: Added CM translations
Change-Id: Ie936813353705e852e1a1959c5723105a7708a42
@pawitp pawitp SystemUI: Use Settings.Global.getInt to read global settings
Settings.Global.getInt should be used instead of Settings.Secure.getInt
to read global settings.

Change-Id: Icf8b9b2c9f04d4a111e5cc165e090aeb996f91b1
@pawitp pawitp SystemUI: Request CHANGE_NETWORK_MODE permission permission is required for the
network toggle to function properly

Change-Id: I88a6f6705553fcb08bee5e8308e89395a4749e4f
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging a88dd10
@tothtamassyman tothtamassyman Added hungarian translation (Done)
Change-Id: I95ee8407e902181a69bb3b09b46d9681a712898e
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Added hungarian translation (Done)" into cm-10.1 f62c6f9
Daniel Hillenbrand Merge "Camera: add ISO mode support" into cm-10.1 f2cfa22
Daniel Hillenbrand Merge "wifi: Allow Settings to retrieve country code" into cm-10.1 311ed73
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Bring Long press back kill app toast back
It is now supported thanks to pawitp commiting the context fix for
displaying framework toasts

Change-Id: I8ab1beb49fc3b61355de8bc207482e2f51ff3e2a
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "SystemUI: Use Settings.Global.getInt to read global settings" …
…into cm-10.1
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "SystemUI: Request CHANGE_NETWORK_MODE permission" into cm-10.1 d7d4be0
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging b080c08
@Danesh Danesh Lockscreen VolCtrls : Don't raise volume on skipTrack
Set mIsLongPress to true when longpress was successful to avoid
volume from being changed on release

Change-Id: I874f7d66248e30535dddfec53ddd299718e3fa3d
@ygorigor ygorigor f/b: fixed typo and updated romanian translation
Change-Id: I8f414319913cbf52cef29441b2d0429621daa565
Signed-off-by: Igor <>
@fitsnugly fitsnugly Quick Settings Pulldown: Left or Right side option (1/2)
Patch set 2 : Fix defaults from upgrading
Patch set 3 : Change percentages

Change-Id: I1f74043865e2670430da7c90ddc8aacc8e5267be
@DvTonder DvTonder Quick Settings: Add Network mode tile (part 1 of 2)
Tile drawables credit to Bjorn Lunden

Patchset 1-4 : Initial commits
Patchset 5   : Fix state not showing properly
               Remove old comment
Patchset 6   : Fix comments per Jesús David

This commit also inlcudes a bit of code cleanup and sets the
default tiles to AOSP defaults

Change-Id: I15371989bb2ce977d1b715e52d9c92c27ea108ca
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Quick Settings: Add Network mode tile (part 1 of 2)" into cm-10.1 362f5c4
Jean-Christophe PINCE Memory leak due to bad destroy sequence
During the destroy sequence, it happens that the mWebViewClassic was
set to null in the transferMessages function and consequently, the
call to WebCoreThreadWatchdog.unregisterWebView(mWebViewClassic) is
not really removing the view from the watchdog's list; creating a
memory leak.

picked from master branch

Change-Id: I2bae7c8d7c473e2af25e62a485699f88269d6658
Author: Jean-Christophe PINCE <>
Signed-off-by: Jean-Christophe PINCE <>
Signed-off-by: Shuo Gao <>
Signed-off-by: Bruce Beare <>
Signed-off-by: Jack Ren <>
Author-tracking-BZ: 57869
@cyanogen cyanogen wifi: Set the mode at native layer
 * Set normal/AP mode so that the HAL can specify correct module
   arguments when loading the driver.

Change-Id: I6eee2cc53b5f1e70306e252e52c909833f220515
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging 966d1d6
@Danesh Danesh QuickSettings : Cleanup receivers/observers
This patchset borrows the idea of a central observer/receiver
from powerwidgets. This way cleanup is a lot easier.

Change-Id: I09ff3118cbc1137e2569dcd3e07acb2a3b083eca
@DvTonder DvTonder Quick Settings: Add 'OFF' text to GPS tile when off
Change-Id: I8a81e3cf8419a6c2e4305c844b5f6162ed14055d
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Add Quick Settings Sync tile (2 of 2)
- Adds the QS Sync tile (drawables thanks to Björn Lundén)
- Removes deprecated, pre ICS code in Power widget

Change-Id: I9f94a1f818ca823c02bb27416bfb047ff4678220
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Framework: Add Quick Settings Sync tile (2 of 2)" into cm-10.1 c3fa25b
@DvTonder DvTonder Quick Settings: Make Lock screen drawables consistent
Credit to Björn Lundén for drawables

Change-Id: I77d1b5072484eb1c0ea0c28a2eb88ef0f75e327d
@ygorigor ygorigor SistemUI: updated romanian translation
Change-Id: If19e447bfe0e497c1842700de5e6f3bf53fbfac9
Signed-off-by: Igor <>
@DvTonder DvTonder Quick Settings: Cleanup Torch tile (2 of 2)
Change-Id: Iacd9e58a4e45ed2526bde406c23647e6da9b76ec
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging 30c09e7
@pedronveloso pedronveloso pt-rPT: Fix too long on/off text for setting toggle. In Portugal the …
…international ON/OFF is prefered, and the previous values made the toggle way to large.

Change-Id: I3f10c3ec12c861461178a5ecbf35debf8785bd55
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Add NFC Tile to Quick Settings (2 of 2)
Need to figure out how to instantiate a new NFC adapter after the
Tile is created.

Change-Id: I5ad99f1ac8f4730653c9697c2c0d0e86b7d4facd
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "pt-rPT: Fix too long on/off text for setting toggle. In Portug…
…al the international ON/OFF is prefered, and the previous values made the toggle way to large." into cm-10.1
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "Quick Settings: Make Lock screen drawables consistent" into cm…
@koush koush NfcTile: rename setState/updateTileState to setTileState. Submitting …
…on behalf of dvtonder.

Change-Id: I9628e260acf10fb06523c7cb9362ae4eb34a057b
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging 5c1848f
djMesias es_ES: Added missing translations
Change-Id: I263869442d722bf7185a0aaf4c09fb3be9deb8da
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "f/b: fixed typo and updated romanian translation" into cm-10.1 15de978
@DvTonder DvTonder Merge "SistemUI: updated romanian translation" into cm-10.1 91b05dc
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Cleanup Quick Settings Sound tiles
Change-Id: I45ba7098ef8c58a6e8e232abaa16780cab2df186
@DvTonder DvTonder Framework: Add Screen timeout Quick Settings Tile (2 of 2)
Change-Id: I02a7866c83bc9a914ed8bfad12872d5ed1a854f5
vivek mehta Squashed commit of audio changes from CodeAurora
MediaFile: Add DIVX and MPEG2TS file format

Change-Id: I9f8cfbe8138c6d3d0d824bff2542b91d72a06b82

audio: Define ANC headset and proxy device

Change-Id: I681d73433d874ec66ec0b1f1f39869008d7d7d0d
(cherry picked from commit 1e6c410eadfc510a9f116bb3da142214fe761225)

audio: add support for QCOM WiFi display

- Define QCOM WFD intents
- Register and handle WFD intends in AudioSystem

Change-Id: I1e5a73d4aa5595bed44d24652647c12b7ef4ae1f

audio: add support for QCOM audio formats

- Add support for EVRC, QCELP, and WMA formats

Change-Id: If3676b88fa287b484ef8616c0a6b67177b61a720

PhoneWindowManager: Changes for WFD.

- WFD now sends WIFI_DISPLAY_VIDEO intent to set UI orientation.
- PhoneWindowManager to listen for WFD intents.
- Display on WFD should be same as seen on the HDMI, so set the
  orientation to HDMI orientation

Change-Id: I638adaa906e2151b1c6ae496343714fe828f5dbd

audio: add support for QCOM vocoders

- Add support for EVRC,QCELP and other
  QCOM vocoders

Change-Id: I9b2a18fe7d01a9198eb470e94e7176b7a6da2c7c
@Tortel Tortel CellInfoLte - Turn off debug
With debug on, it constantly spams the log. Turn it off for now to
keep the log cleaner.

Change-Id: I115a613c7140545d626c4f4fda7a697a00b9cc35
@shareefalis shareefalis CDMA RIL: add SVDO support (1/2)
based on Richard Ross's commit

Change-Id: I313edd3c52d1d0b397ca519757470b87882424d7
@takuo takuo Japanese : add missing translation.
Change-Id: Ib1089c845f614b9e568c610cfe29205022022677
@gladiac gladiac services: Fix tethering (softap) startup.
The interface must be started after firmware reload. If it's not
started, the driver is unable to configure it.

Thanks to Emerson Pinter <> for the jb version of this.

Change-Id: If8819d463d8c3820e2e159cd365f8ba4af8c0064
@epinter epinter camera: add power mode support
Based on commit 7036d66bec7697160ba1b2e255f1e7fae0c8c435 from CAF,
branch ics_chocolate.

Change-Id: I8a60668b18980fd5e6f9dd341db5a8a63deb99d0
@tpruvot tpruvot Allow compatibility with 'old' Touchscreens (Linux < 3.1)

Support the Multitouch, 10-points tested on the qtouch (Defy/Droid)

Remember to add the new idc file required for the touchscreen/keypad
Example: /system/usr/idc/qtouch-touchscreen.idc

Change-Id: I62f8b36350784ec6ba73f4a2d942f441fe710ae3
Signed-off-by: Tanguy Pruvot <>
@arco arco Process the BTN_MOUSE event
This is required in order to make the trackball on devices that has it to
work properly, like it does before ICS. In addition to this patch, you just
need an .idc file that matches the device name for your the trackball. You can
find it by either looking in a kernel log or a logcat.

For example, a device with a Crucial optical navigation pad, will be called

The .idc file should contain the following:

cursor.mode = navigation
cursor.orientationAware = 1

Place the file in /system/usr/idc folder.

Enable in with BOARD_USE_LEGACY_TRACKPAD := true

Change-Id: I8684b94871a8bf9070dcda3538a239b111da7f5b
@tezet tezet Legacy touchscreen: Fix B key issue
Patchset 2: Clean code

Change-Id: I4c0bcb7f1cea0744ab983c87167af0bb9a472859
@naobsd naobsd simplify and improve BOARD_USE_LEGACY_TOUCHSCREEN
in addition to converting ABS_MT_TOUCH_MAJOR to ABS_MT_PRESSURE, it also converts ABS_MT_WIDTH_MAJOR to ABS_MT_TOUCH_MAJOR.

also add 2 workarounds for some touchscreen driver which
 1. has BTN_TOUCH feature but it doesn't send BTN_TOUCH event
 2. sends multi-touch event for not-in-use pointer

Change-Id: I0c1c6f9a27c2dbc5e3beddda1a7f297e76c40841
@KonstaT KonstaT fix screen off animation for devices with abnormal hardware orientation
Change-Id: I8f263218554fd78f99ababce05f34751c07c7f30
@TomGiordano TomGiordano LegacyUSB: Squashed commit with updates for 4.2
LegacyUSB: add overlay for UMS lun and use existence of lun to enable legacy USB

LegacyUSB: Add support for legacy USB implementations

Rebased for ICS 4.0.3

Option to hide Adb notification icon (framework) - authorship belongs to Rick C

Change-Id: Id14f70f7e21b689c08cadef69f69da711c7dc566
@or150 or150 Android Framework: Hebrew translation
Change-Id: If9255ddbbdfa1ab9889cf830c9b4dd502eeaf052
@pvolkov pvolkov Update Russian Translation-SystemUI-CM10.1
Added missing translations
@Jiangyi Jiangyi SystemUI + framework-res: Simplified Chinese Translations
Partially ported from CM10.

Patch Set 2: Some minor modifications for consistency.

Change-Id: I3f8cb77e484fcc2f0588d0423b78edcfb5db1437
@dhacker29 dhacker29 Framework: Fix GSM signal strength
Certain OEM gsm ril libs send back a bogus value for LTE signal
that causes to default to LTE and report
incorrect signal values.
Use prop value to get proper
GSM signal reading on certain devices.

Change-Id: Ibb23d7b3a2d21001ccbbc6ebfbdc3c5248f18cfc
Signed-off-by: dhacker29 <>
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "SystemUI + framework-res: Simplified Chinese Translations" int…
…o cm-10.1
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "Framework: Fix GSM signal strength" into cm-10.1 d765071
@chirayudesai chirayudesai values-iw: uderp
Change-Id: Ic7173f02476b49eefab3345aa898e0f482dc0380
@cyanogen cyanogen Merge "values-iw: uderp" into cm-10.1 d263591
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging 54a2c00
@YouKim YouKim Possible leak in android_emoji_EmojiFactory_newInstance
jchars is not released correctly if factory is NULL.
In addition, unnecessary string conversion removed.

Change-Id: I3ea58391dfe7a96ea6d6ae61bb0867a2d8d49fb0
@chirayudesai chirayudesai telephony: hide needsOldRilFeature
Change-Id: I741b510fdacc166ad40741bf2e9db5c8a1039384
@shareefalis shareefalis base: fix constant conflict
There is a conflict 2 media type which shares the same constants which is a DVIX and JPEG.
which causes some app to think jpeg is a dvix video file
It was due to the merge of the qualcomm patches (patch: ) which was merged on the 23rd

Change-Id: Ida014adab4a954aa81a16d1ff401f9847f87d1a5
@Quarx2k Merge remote branch 'cyan/cm-10.1' into mr1-staging 55597fb
@userdj userdj Update core/res/res/values/config.xml
Delete duplicate string
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