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Whonix for Privacy & Anonymity

To improve your privacy and anonymity on the internet, you can install the Whonix Template on your Qubes machine.

Whonix is based on Debian and Tor and utilizes two VMs, a "gateway" and a "workstation". Qubes security architecture makes use of Whonix's isolation by using the gateway as a ProxyVM to route all network traffic through Tor, while the workstation is used for making AppVMs.

Whonix in Qubes replaces the deprecated TorVM service used in earlier versions of Qubes.

The following pages are written by the Whonix developers and are located on their website.

Getting Started with Whonix

Note: To install Whonix in Qubes, you must install Qubes first.

Configuring Whonix

Support for Whonix