qubes-manager: "reset to defaults" option #1363

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Functionality in Qubes Manager GUI & UX

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It's standard in most GUI program to have a button which resets all options to their default settings, where "default" means roughly "how things would look on a fresh install."


What exactly do you have in mind? "Reset VM settings"? Or something more

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@marmarek marmarek added this to the Release 4.0 milestone Oct 29, 2015

Qubes Manager --> System --> Qubes Global Settings

In this window, the user can change things like: minimal VM memory, dom0 memory boost, whether to keep DispVMs in memory, whether to check for dom0 updates, and whether to check for VM updates. A user might change some of those settings (being new to Qubes, not realizing that her custom choice is a bad idea), then later realize that she wants to revert to the defaults. But maybe she doesn't remember what the defaults are. It would be nice to have a button which sets everything to the defaults.

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