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It would be nice to have a "Restart" button on the Qubes VM Manager alongside the "Start", "Pause" and "Shutdown" buttons. This would simulate "Pressing the "Shutdown" and "Start" buttons.

It is also common to have to restart multiple VM's after updating a Template VM. It would be good if we could multi-select VM's. That way we could select a bunch of VM's and just hit restart, which is much more convenient that manually selecting each individual VM, clicking "Shutdown", waiting, then clicking "Start".

Also, shutting down VM's often needs to be done in a specific order due to dependencies i.e. shutdown sys-firewall before sys-net. It would be good if the restart feature was aware of these dependencies and shutdown/restart in a sensible order.

Additionally, the button "Remove an existing VM (must be stopped first)" should offer to stop the VM before removing it, rather than forcing the user to click the stop button first. The text should also read "Remove selected VM" since the current text implies something subtly different. This button should also support multi-select as describer earlier.

Additional additional...

Many of the dialog box's have inconsistent availability of "hotkeys". For example; the "VM Removal Confirmation" dialog has two buttons, "Yes" and "Cancel". "Yes" can he invoked by pressing Alt + Y, "Cancel" requires one to use the mouse. The "Create New VM" dialog has no hotkeys at all. It would be good to be able to utilise the keyboard wherever possible.

@marmarek marmarek added this to the Release 3.2 milestone Dec 13, 2015
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@andrewdavidwong andrewdavidwong Track #1499 9e80968
@plushambush plushambush added a commit to plushambush/qubes-manager that referenced this issue Jun 23, 2016
@plushambush plushambush Implemented 'Restart' button 7cd1afb
@plushambush plushambush referenced this issue in QubesOS/qubes-manager Jun 23, 2016

Implemented 'Restart' button #6

@marmarek marmarek added a commit to marmarek/qubes-manager that referenced this issue Jun 24, 2016
@marmarek marmarek Merge remote-tracking branch 'qubesos/pr/6'
* qubesos/pr/6:
  Implemented 'Restart' button QubesOS/qubes-issues#1499
mfc commented Oct 19, 2016

implemented in QubesOS/qubes-manager#6 by @plushambush (thanks!) so closing.

@mfc mfc closed this Oct 19, 2016
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