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Latest commit c437c20 Feb 14, 2017 @marmarek marmarek ssh-wrapper: don't use qvm-copy-to-vm
Since the intention of 'scp' here is to:
 - override target file (if any)
 - place it in specific directory, outside of QubesIncoming
it doesn't make sense to use qvm-copy-to-vm, as it adds more troubles
than good. Simple 'cat' is enough.
This solves problem when QubesIncoming is not cleaned up after failed
salt invocation, preventing further attempts (becuse qvm-copy-to-vm
refuse to override existing files).

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This README is not complete and is work-in-progress...

In order to utilize the Qubes Management features (qubes-mgmt) two packages first need to be installed in either Dom0 and/or the AppVM. Install salt version 2015.5.0 or greater, then for dom0 qubes-salt-mgmt-dom0 or qubes-mgmt-salt-vm for an AppVM, or have them built into the template by including the +salt template flavor when building.

qubesctl is inter-changeable and an alias for salt-call --local and contains additional code to apply any required patches.

Initial Installation and Setup

  1. Initial Setup: sync any modules, etc

    qubesctl saltutil.sync_all

  2. Highstate will execute all states

    qubesctl state.highstate

  3. Highstate test mode only. Note note all states seem to conform to test mode and may apply state anyway. Needs more testing to confirm or not!

    qubesctl state.highstate test=True

Where are all the configuration files?

All the qubes based configuration files are located in /srv/* directories. The salt minion configuration files are located in `/etc/salt'.

/srv/salt/_tops/** contain all the states that will execute when running a highstate.

Some Useful Commands

qubesctl saltutil.sync_all:

Sync all modules. If a problem exists, one may remove the salt cache directory (rm -r /var/cache/salt) and re-sync the modules

qubesctl top.enable <topname> [saltevn=(base)]:

Enable / disable states to run with highstate. Example:
qubesctl top.enable privacy saltenv=all qubesctl top.disable vim.salt saltenv=all qubesctl top.disable gnupg (no need to enter saltenv for base modules) qubesctl top.disable gnupg pillar=true (disable pillar)

qubesctl top.enabled:

List enabled state files (located within /srv/salt/_tops** and /srv/pillar/_tops**). top.disabled to list disabled, not activated states

qubesctl state.sls config:

Re-run configuration (updates /etc/salt/minion.d/f_defaults.conf)

Examples of running included formulas

qubesctl state.sls policy-qubesbuilder qubesctl state.sls policy-qubesbuilder.absent