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---===[ Qubes Canary #5 ]===---
The Qubes core developers who undersigned this file [1] state the
1. The date of issue of this canary is October 1, 2015.
2. There have been 21 Qubes Security Bulletins published so far.
3. Qubes Master Signing Key fingerprint is:
427F 11FD 0FAA 4B08 0123 F01C DDFA 1A3E 3687 9494
4. No warrants have ever been served to them with regards to the Qubes
OS Project (e.g. to hand out the private signing keys, or to introduce
5. The next such canary statement is planned to be published in the
first 2 weeks of January 2016. Special note should be taken if no new
canary gets published by that time, or if the list of statements
change without plausible explanation.
Special announcements
* We would like to remind that Qubes OS has been designed with the
assumption of all the infrastructure being permanently compromised.
This means we don't assume trust in neither our updates-serving
servers, source code repositories-hosting servers or services, nor the
servers offering Qubes ISO downloads.
Disclaimers & Notes
This canary scheme is not infallible. Although signing the declaration
makes it very difficult for a third party to produce arbitrary
declarations, it does not prevent them from using force, or other
means like blackmail, or compromise of the signers' laptops, to coerce
us to produce false declarations.
The news feed quoted below (Proof of freshness) serves to demonstrate
that this canary could not have been created prior to the date stated.
It shows that a series of canaries were not created in advance.
This declaration is merely a best effort and provided without any
guarantees, warranty, and is not legally binding in any way to
anybody. None of the signers should be ever held legally responsible
for any of the statements made here.
Proof of freshness
$ date -R -u
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 07:13:42 +0000
$ feedstail -1 -n5 -f '{title}' -u
VW Scandal: Time for German Industry to Abandon Its Arrogance
'Fairview': Latest Snowden Doc Shows NSA Spied on German Intelligence
To Progress and Back: The Rise and Fall of Erdogan's Turkey
Pippi Longstocking's Creator: Wartime Diaries Reveal the True Astrid Lindgren
Mother Angela: Merkel's Refugee Policy Divides Europe
$ feedstail -1 -n5 -f '{title}' -u
Manhattan Apartment Prices Near Million-Dollar Mark, Reports Say
Francis in America: Pope Francis, the Kentucky Clerk and Culture Wars Revisited
Hillary Clinton Camp Is Making Moves to Check Joe Biden
Pacific Trade Deal Talks Resume, Under Fire From U.S. Presidential Hopefuls
First Draft: Hillary Clinton Raises $28 Million for Presidential Campaign
$ feedstail -1 -n5 -f '{title}' -u
Afghan forces 'regain Kunduz control'
Russia and US military to talk on Syria
'Good bacteria' key to stopping asthma
Iran Hajj death toll rises to 464
Trump: I would send Syria refugees home
[1] This file should be signed in two ways: (1) via detached GPG
signatures by each of the signers, distributed together with this
canary in qubes-secpack.git repo, and (2) via digitial signatures on
the corresponding qubes-secpack.git repo tags.
[2] Don't trust just the contents of this file blindly, go and verify
the digital signatures!