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Configuration files used to build Qubes templates

This repository contains Qubes Builder configuration files used to build template packages.

Directory layout

  1. First level - Qubes release number (R2, R3.0, etc)
  2. Second level - templates-itl or templates-community
  3. Third level - configuration files

Those files are either generic configs to build template using most recent sources (whonix.conf, debian.conf etc). Or files to repeat build using the same sources as to build official binary package (those files have template package version in its name). Note that, until we implement deterministic builds, the result binary will not be exactly the same.

Note that some of those config files will automatically import additional GPG keys to your keyring (the one used to verify git tag signatures) and set them as trusted. This is done to make possible unattended build in Disposable VM. But if you are not using such a build mode, you most likely want to at least check what keys are imported.


To use such a config file, you need to have Qubes Builder installed (cloned), then place the file as builder.conf, then build the template.

There are two possible ways to build the template:

  1. Build directly in the environment you've installed the builder (the same VM, or even not Qubes system). To do this, execute:

    make qubes-vm
  2. Build in DispVM. To do that, you will need to run this on Qubes system. Before the build, you need to configure some Qubes RPC services used during build process. Then execute:

    make template-in-dispvm

    The advantage of this mode is starting with clean environment, so no local change can interfere with the build process. Also if your build environment got compromised during the build, it will not affect the VM from which you've called the build (but the template binary can be compromised).

In either case, you can set DISTS_VM environment variable to select particular template flavor. To get list of configured flavors, call:

make VERBOSE=1 build-info

To get list of git tags/commits pointing exactly at the source you currently use, you can call:

make build-id

The output will be suitable to paste to builder.conf to later download exactly the same sources. This is how configs for specific template package version are prepared. template-in-dispvm target automatically call build-id and output is available in build log - so even when DispVM used to build is already destroyed, you can still get information what exact sources were used. Note that there is only last build log for given template flavor - if you repeat the build, it will override the log.


Qubes Builder configs for template builds



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