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Library for parsing and serializing javascript. JSON compatible, supports also pretty print, no object prototype pollution, functions and many more.

Updated April 09, 2014


Universal Variable Magento Extension

Updated April 07, 2014

JavaScript 0 334


forked from SeleniumHQ/selenium

A mirror of the Selenium source. Please log Issues in Google Code. Also confirm you have signed the CLA when making a Pull Request

Updated March 31, 2014


Updated March 25, 2014

Java 1 0


miniMerge is a powerful merging tool with dependencies check. Works perfectly for JavaScript and HTML Web projects.

Updated March 20, 2014

Shell 1 1


A build script to create deb package of Exhibitor - a zookeeper supervisor

Updated January 13, 2014


Updated December 19, 2013

Puppet 2 1


Puppet's s3cmd configuration module. Specify different config files and set of auth credentials.

Updated July 18, 2013

JavaScript 58 10


Updated April 30, 2013


This project demonstrates how Buster.js tests can be run in Karma and Mocha side by side with Mocha tests. Useful if you're thinking of taking a similar migration path.

Updated April 12, 2013

Java 7 6


forked from jibs/kafka-s3-consumer

Archive Kafka topics to S3, with Zookeeper support

Updated February 20, 2013

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