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Magento Extension for Universal Variable

Qubit's Universal Variable streamlines the process of passing values between OpenTag and your pages, whilst future-proofing against updates and changes. We recommend creating the relevant JavaScript object on your page prior to deploying OpenTag's container script. Doing this will assure that all values will be present on the page when the script runs and can be used by libraried OpenTag scripts. You only need to declare the object variables you use. For example, if your pages only have category and no subcategory, just declare the category. Likewise, if you feel the need to extend objects, or feel like renaming them, please do so. However, please take a note of the new variable names, as these are needed to access your scripts in your OpenTag container.

Useful links

Universal Variable Specification

Exported JavaScript object under universal_variable on all pages follows open standarded universal variable specification. The specificaiton is also available on GitHub: http://github.com/QuBitProducts/UniversalVariable

Supported Magento Versions

We've tested the followed versions. Please submit Github Issues with detailed description if you find any bugs.

  • 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x , 1.9.x CE
  • 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x Enterprise


To install the extension:

  • Drop the app folder in this repository into your root Magento directory (making sure you perform a merge, not a replace)
  • Log out and back into the Magento Admin interface.
  • Navigate to the System -> Configuration panel from the top navigation bar.
  • Configuration options can be found under Qubit Universal Variable.
  • Test site functionality thoroughly after installation.


  • Enable Universal Variable turns on the object for the front end.
  • Enable OpenTag adds an Opentag container using the ID below it to the head of the page, with different async options.
  • Advanced Settings description are as follows:
  • Show real product ID’s: This sets the product_id in the uv.product to be the database entry ID of a Magento product (i.e starting at 0), if set to ‘no’ it will mirror the sku_code
  • Show stock information: turns on whether product and line_items.product contain stock information
  • Show real user ID: Yes shares the database entry ID (can be bad for security reasons), no sets it to a hashed value (not super secure, but better than nothing)
  • Show Magento version number in UV: Whether or not to display the Magento version number in the UV, only reasoning for ‘No’ is ‘Security by obscurity’.
  • The final two options are aimed at developers and should only be changed if you are used if you don't use the standard page blocks. Shouldn’t be required to change from the default.

Magento Connect

This is the recommanded way of installing the extenion. Get your extension key on the extension page and install the extension in your Magento Connect extension manager.


Happy Contributors

Thank you to the contributors improving our code base:


The extension is released under Apache License 2.0