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Dear Guilherme!

I made some changes according the last comment at PullRequest#13 and I would like to merge it into branch ra3xdh-activefilter. Changes are:

  1. All *.svg and *.png moved to bitmaps directory.
  2. Implemented automatic removing of Cauer filter topology, if Butterworth, Chebyshev or Bessel are selected. Now error message are not showed.
  3. Added QGroupBoxes and Interfaced optimized for laptops with 1366x768 resolution.
  4. I will add later some documentation in TeX format to qucs-doc directory. I think it is should describe underlying mathemathics of filter synthesis algorithms.

Here is screenshot of new interface with QGroupBoxes.


@ra3xdh ra3xdh referenced this pull request Jul 16, 2014

Activefilt #13


I have added Help dialog and Main Menu bar similar to other Qucs-Tools. See last commit.

Quite Universal Circuit Simulator member

There is an issue with your last commit:

I guess you have to add helpdialog.cpp to the qucsactivefilter_SOURCES on the Makefile.am.


Issue is fixed. helpdialog.h and helpdialog.cpp are now added to Makefile.am. Travis CI builds OK.

@guitorri guitorri merged commit 562a10a into Qucs:ra3xdh-activefilter Jul 24, 2014

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Should we rename the tool to QucsActiveFilter?

./qucsactivefilter.cpp:54:    QAction * helpAbout = new QAction(tr("&About QucsFilter..."), this);
./qucsactivefilter.cpp:533:    "QucsFilter Version " PACKAGE_VERSION+

What about band-pass and band-stop are these supported/implemented ?


Yes, it should be renamed. This issue is fixed by myself. See #16 for details.
Band stop and band pass filters are not implemented yet. There are only stubs for them. QucsActiveFilter shows warning when user tries to calculate these filters.
I had no time for this in June, because I had been receiving PhD degree in June. I am busy preparing articles for conferences now. I think to begin these functions implementation in September or October.
While this functions is not implemented, I can remove BandPass and BandStop from the cbxResponse QComboBox in the main window. Should I do it now?

@guitorri guitorri added the enhancement label Sep 1, 2014
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Will you have the time to continue implementing the missing filters?


Yes, I will continue BandPass/BandStop filters implementation this month.

@guitorri guitorri referenced this pull request Sep 12, 2014

Merge qucs-activefilter #43

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