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Shot Gun (Beta)

Shot Gun Messenger was designed to simplify communication from a single origin (group leader) to a larger group while hiding member phone numbers and limiting access time. SMS messages sent to the group number by members of the group are relayed to the group leader. The group leader may text individuals or the entire group from their web app or using simply using their phone's SMS feature. The click to call feature connects the group leader with any member in the group via a conference call. After a group's self destruct time has elapsed communication is disabled between all members

Technology Stack: Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, AJAXX, Twilio API


How members join the group:

Members join the leader’s message distribution group by texting their name to the group’s system generated unique phone number. No need to create an account or download an app. Any phone with an SMS function will work. The system then automatically adds the member to the distribution list with their name as there “handle” for communication. All following messages will be relayed directly to the group leader via the group’s phone number. Members cannot message other members. Only the group leader.

NOTE: Currently members who call the group number cannot be connected to the group leader. This functionality is currently being built and should be ready soon.

How to use Shot Gun:

With the web: Once a group is created using the online interface group leaders can use the website to message individuals, the entire group, or to connect in a conference call. Dial out conference calls will dial the group leader, dial the group member and connect the two in a conference call.

Each message sent by group leaders or members will begin with the “handle” or “Alias” that the individual texted when they opted in. Ex: “WonderWoman: I’m off to save the day.” It is important that individuals text in the name that will identify them and not things like “Hi” as they will be identified as “Hi” moving forward.

From your mobile phone:

Shot Gun’s mobile app is still under development, however, busy group leaders on the move may text the entire group via their SMS line by using “twitter” like tags in their messages. Send to the entire group: By starting messages with “@all” messages are sent to the entire distribution list.

Send to individuals: Start messages with “@alias” replacing alias with the individuals handle to send direct messages via the anonymous number.

Retrieving a list of alias’s: Group leaders can retrieve a list of group members from their SMS line by texting the command “!list”. This should return you a list of group member alias’s.

Call group members: Group leaders can call group members by texting “!call @alias” to the group phone number. They system will then connect the two people in a dial out conference call.

The Acknowledgments

Shot Gun (beta) is a messaging app created by Jolene Hayes in 2015. The idea was inspired by by husband's struggle to communicate with members of his tour groups.

In addition to the support of my husband and fellow Hackbright fellows, the following people were instrumental to the project, providing mentorship, inspiration, and guidance:

Hackbright Instructors
  • Cynthia Dueltgen
  • Joel Burton
  • Katie LeFevre
  • Meggie Mahnken
  • Kristin McClure
  • Heather Bryant
  • Michelle Lai
  • Nick Audo
  • Lindsay Cade
  • Arel Cordero
  • Kelsey Stremmler
  • Adrienne Dreyfus
Friends & Family
  • Cary Crites
  • Patrick Hayes
  • Chu Young Hayes


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