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Python wrapper around open-source Radiative Transfer Modelling scripts
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Python Radiative Transfer Modelling Wrappers

Get spectral or integrated broadband irradiance outputs from SMARTS and SBdart conveniently, in python.


  • Python 2.6 or 2.7.
  • SBdart 2.4 and SMARTS 2.9.5 must be compiled and installed on your system $PATH as sbdart and smarts295 respectively.
  • Numpy is required. Installing PyLab is recommended, and will include numpy.


The package is on PyPi, so assuming your python installation included setuptools, you can simply use pip (or easy_install).

$ pip install rtm

or with easy_install

$ easy_install rtm


Check the Appropedia page:

There are also more detailed setup and installation instructions on the Appropidia page.

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