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Allows to cypher a word or a sentence with a unique key you define (decryption included).
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Welcome to Chiffrage project 👋


Allows to cypher a word or a sentence with a unique key you can define (decypher included)bash

📥 Installation

  • Download the source code here and run Chiffrage.pyw on your computer (no specific module required)
  • Download the 64bits compiled executable here!
  • Download the 32bits compiled executable here!

🚀 Usage

- With GUI -

WINDOWS: Simply click twice on Chiffrage.pyw or run using IDLE

LINUX: Not tested yet for GUIs

python3 Chiffrage.pyw

- No CLI availaible for this software -

🤝 Contributing

Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change or create a new branch.
Please make sure to test your suggestions before commiting.

👤 Author

Quentin L.

Please ✰ this repository if this project helped you!

📖 License


Made withby QuentiumYT

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