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@Querz Querz released this Jul 15, 2019

This release adds support for importing chunks with an offset.


  • Added offset input fields to the chunk import confirmation dialog, the offset is measured in chunks. When importing a lot of regions and the import should be stuck after a while, either lower the "Max loaded files" setting or assign more memory to the JVM.
  • Made location input abstract to be used in the Goto dialog and the chunk input confirmation dialog.
  • Checking for a new version now ignores prereleases.


  • Either:
    • JRE 8+, you can get it from HERE
    • A Minecraft Java Edition installation
  • A computer
  • A brain

If you have Java from Oracle installed on your system:

Most likely, .jar files are associated with java on your computer, it should therefore launch by simply double clicking the file (or however your OS is configured to open files using your mouse or keyboard). If not, you can try java -jar mcaselector-1.7.4.jar from your console. If this doesn't work, you might want to look into how to modify the PATH variable on your system to tell your system that java is an executable program.

If you have Minecraft Java Edition installed on your system:

Minecraft Java Edition comes with a JRE that you can use to start the MCA Selector, so there is no need to install another version of java on your system. On Windows, that java version is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\bin\ and once inside this folder you can simply run java.exe -jar <path-to-mcaselector-1.7.4.jar>. On Mac OS you should find it in Applications/ where you can execute ./java -jar <path-to-mcaselector-1.7.4.jar>.

If you are using OpenJDK:

If you are using a distribution of OpenJDK, you have to make sure that it comes with JavaFX, as it is needed to run the MCA Selector. Some distributions like AdoptOpenJDK (shipped with most Linux distributions) do not ship with JavaFX by default. On Debian distributions, an open version of JavaFX is contained in the openjfx package. This or some other installation of JavaFX is required to run the .jar.

If none of these instructions work, apply "A brain" that you providently held ready after having read the "Requirements" section carefully.

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