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Over the years, I have seen several feature requests submitted to queue_classic. Most of the time I have rejected these requests. My motivation for the rejections has always been based on the fact that I want to keep queue_classic as simple as possible. I want queue_classic to do one thing and do it well. Queue_classic currently has ~500 LOC, this is a feature!

Now, I will not deny that the feature requests that were submitted provide real value. I am sure that the features requests would help solve real problems. To that end, I suggest we use a new project to keep these features. Sinatra has done this with good success.

potential qc-contrib features:

@lmarburger, @bobbyw, @clemensgruber, @apeckham, @joevandyk, what do you guys think?

@ryandotsmith ryandotsmith was assigned Jun 29, 2012

Sounds great to me!


I love it. Rack does this too, i think it is perfect for this project too.


Sounds good to me too.


Hi Ryan. My rails app is multi-tenant with a schema per client and I was just considering forking the repo in order to incorporate support for jobs that need to be run against different schemas. Would I be correct to assume this would also be a feature that you'd be loathed to include and, if so, did you ever get a chance to create the qc-contrib project?


Did the contrib project get created?


Could the qc-contrib project be created, or something added to the docs so people can list plugins? Hopefully shouldn't take much of your time to get it kicked off, then exciting things can happen! :)

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