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Better argument structure for #54

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The docs say that I should be able to just do to fire up a consumer, but that fails b/c requires 5 args.

Having the 5 args all in order with no defaults didn't seem very maintainable, so here's a patch to make it accept an options hash, e.g.: 'thingers', top_bound: 3, fork_worker: true, listening_worker: true, max_attempts: 5)

…or to use some defaults: 'thingers', listening_worker: true)

…or to use all defaults:

It also still works with the original 5-argument scheme, for backwards compatibility.

What do you think? I'm new to the code, so I may be missing something. Feel free to reject the pull request if this doesn't actually make sense.


Yes! @mfine and I were just talking about how the args to the worker are a bit cumbersome. This patch solves a real problem. Thanks for taking care of this.

@ryandotsmith ryandotsmith merged commit b4723ab into QueueClassic:master

You bet. Glad it helps!

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Commits on Mar 28, 2012
  1. @pcantrell

    Changed to accept an options hash (with all values optiona…

    pcantrell authored
    …l), or no args at all (to make everything default).
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Showing with 14 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +14 −1 lib/queue_classic/worker.rb
15 lib/queue_classic/worker.rb
@@ -1,7 +1,20 @@
module QC
class Worker
- def initialize(q_name, top_bound, fork_worker, listening_worker, max_attempts)
+ def initialize(*args)
+ if args.length == 5
+ q_name, top_bound, fork_worker, listening_worker, max_attempts = *args
+ elsif args.length <= 1
+ opts = args.first || {}
+ q_name = opts[:q_name] || QC::QUEUE
+ top_bound = opts[:top_bound] || QC::TOP_BOUND
+ fork_worker = opts[:fork_worker] || QC::FORK_WORKER
+ listening_worker = opts[:listening_worker] || QC::LISTENING_WORKER
+ max_attempts = opts[:max_attempts] || QC::MAX_LOCK_ATTEMPTS
+ else
+ raise ArgumentError, 'wrong number of arguments (expected no args, an options hash, or 5 separate args)'
+ end
log("worker initialized")
@running = true
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