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Basic User Accounting

These scripts perform basic user accounting from an OpenVPN server.


OpenVPN exposes details of connecting and disconnecting users to scripts wishing to use them. The two scripts in this project perform basic logging of useful details. The scripts are written in POSIX shell, making them portable and platform-neutral; both GNU and BSD userlands are supported.


This is a component of the OpenVPN-dynamic project and is available under a GPLv3 or BSD 3-clause license as you prefer. See the Licensing/ directory of the project for the full license text.

Code Copyright Josh Cepek


Each script that you want to use must be called from the relevant hook in OpenVPN. The connect and disconnect scripts should be called from the --client-connect and --client-disconnect directives, respectively. You may use either one independently of the other as well.

As written, both scripts collect some values from the environment that pertain to the client, prepare a log message, and append it to a log file; you should edit this logfile to one of your choice.

The data logged or the format used may of course be edited if desired for your environment; a different backend could be substituted as well, such as via logger to use a syslog service, or another backend relevant to your site.

What gets Logged

The script logs:

  • User commonName
  • Date of connection (the current date)
  • IP assigned to the client
  • Client's connecting IP/port

The client-disconnect script logs:

  • User commonName
  • IP assigned to the client
  • Client's connecting IP/port
  • Date of connect/disconnect and connection duration
  • Bandwidth transferred each direction in MB

Note that bandwidth is in Megabytes or powers of 10: this means MB and not MiB.

Integrating with Existing Hooks

If you are already using a script at this hook, you can either integrate the code into your own, or call this script at the appropriate place from the existing one. Note that the ordering may be significant here, since you probably don't want to log a connecting client that you reject in a connect-hook, for instance. The connect script in this project includes an explicit exit 0 line at the end so as not to prevent client connections if appending the log line failed; edit this to suit your site needs if necessary.

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