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@Quick-Flash Quick-Flash released this Jun 27, 2019 · 1 commit to bef_3.5.6_merge since this release

One of the first test versions of the IMUF to be added to regular flight controllers. Test this at your own risk. It is experimental. However our testing has shown it to work very very well. But always be sure to check motor temps before attempting to absolutely rip. The defaults are conservative and we are yet to experience any hot motors with them. Good luck have fun and let us know what you think about this!

Let us know what you think or any help you might need in our discord.

Flash using the ButterFlight Configurator found here
type this into the cli

set dterm_lowpass_hz = 80
set yaw_lowpass_hz = 0
set buttered_pids = ON
feature OSD
feature AIRMODE
set cpu_overclock = 192MHZ
set gyro_use_32khz = ON
set gyro_filter_q = 2500
set acc_hardware = NONE
set min_throttle = 1080
set motor_pwm_protocol = MULTISHOT
set motor_pwm_rate = 32000
set pid_process_denom = 2
set gyro_sync_denom = 1
set f_pitch = 0
set f_roll = 0
set f_yaw = 0
set tpa_rate = 25
set tpa_breakpoint = 1500

Things to note when tuning. Q and W for the Helio filter can be found under filters in the osd. Q is the trust setting of the filter. The higher the Q the more that the gyro is trusted and filtering is less. W is how many gyro samples the filter will listen to at one time. Lowering this number lowers delay on the filter but also lowers its effectiveness. I-Decay which replaces I-Term Relax can also be messed with in the pid tab of the OSD.
With buttered PID's enabled you cannot use feed forward. Well I mean you can use feed forward but it creates conflicts and issues with buttered PID's.
Anti-Gravity has been intentionally turned off.
If your FC doesn't support 32k then just run the fastest gyro rate and PID loop rate available. But in order to get maximum performance out of the firmware 32k is recommended. That does mean however that it is unlikely you can run 32k while using dshot. It may be possible on f7 flight controllers however if you are overclocking. f4 flight controllers also need to be slightly overclocked in order to run at 32k.

Aside from these instructions just set up the flight controller as normal. Have fun and fly safe.

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