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Source code removed from the public access, if you are interested in Q-municate please contact us

Q-municate is a code of a chat application with a wide range of communication features included (such as messaging, file transfer, push notifications, audio/video calls).

We are happy to offer you a chat application out of the box. You can customize this application to on your needs (with attribution as stated in the license). QuickBlox is used for the backend Find more information about Q-municate Android in our Developers section

Software Environment

  • The Android application runs on Android 4.2+
  • The Android App is developed as native Android application.
  • Web component is based on QuickBlox platform.
  • The App and Web panel has English language interface.
  • The App works only in Portrait screen mode
  • The App uses Internet connection: 3G or Wi-Fi when available.

Q-municate is a fully fledged chat application using the Quickblox API.

Q-municate application uses following QuickBlox modules:

It includes features such as:

  • Free Calls and Messaging: In Q-municate, everything is free;
  • File Transfer: Send Images to your friends and contacts;
  • Private / Group Chat: Enjoy private and group conversations with your contacts;
  • Facebook Registration: Use simple FB registration to fill in your profile and register account;
  • Friends Import: Q-municate will automatically connect you with your phone and Facebook contacts, who already use Q-municate. So there is no need to add your friends manually;
  • Offline Calls and Messages: Push notifications will inform you about missed chat messages and calls even, if you are offline. Don't worry, Q-municate will retrieve chat history during the next application use;
  • Messages Statuses: Send, read, now typing;
  • Delete Chat History/Remove Contact and Chat: Clear private chat history or delete this chat at all.

Please note all these features are available in open source code, so you can customize your app depending on your needs.

App screenshots