Q-municate 1.10.0

@Vladlukhanin Vladlukhanin released this Jan 10, 2017

v. 1.10.0 - January 10, 2017

  • Added URL preview (using Open Graph Scraper);
  • Added redirect to http://q-municate.com for mobile browsers;
  • Added ability to load more than 100 dialogs (displayed last 100 in UI but can show other by scroll event, local search for dialogs was updated);
  • Added ability in config file to set number of messages which can be loaded by one request;
  • Updated offline/online status (fast understanding about lost connection with internet);
  • Bug fixes:
    • fixed old messages with geolocation (double escape html);
    • fixed system message about adding a new user for current user in groupchats;
    • no possibility to send a request to the contact from whom user has the incoming request;
    • message is doubled after sending if user sends message while downloading chat history;
    • display link as normal text in last message preview;
    • user can't send emojis in chat if he press 'Enter' button at keyboard;
    • user can't close Profile popup if he isn't correctly filled info or added incorrect photo;
    • black borders blinking in blocks which have scroll (only in firefox).