• QuickBox is much more than a ‘seedbox installer script’, it is a simplistic approach to achieving easy seedbox and services management from a beautifully designed dashboard. Allowing users the ability to interact with their seedbox and server on a professional grade level.

    C 356 95 GPL-3.0 3 issues need help Updated Jul 23, 2018
  • club-QuickBox is a fresh and modernized skin for rTorrent GUI, ruTorrent. This theme is featured on QuickBox and has been made exclusively for QuickBox.IO. Welcome to club-QuickBox!

    CSS 25 6 Unlicense Updated Jul 13, 2018
  • 1 Updated Sep 18, 2017
  • Docker Based Quickbox

    Shell 24 5 GPL-3.0 Updated Apr 2, 2017