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  1. Example designs (gateware, software and documentation) to kick start your development on our open source tools, MCUs, FPGAs and dev kits.


  2. 100% open source dev kit for EOS S3 MCU+eFPGA SoC supported by fully open source SDK and FPGA Toolchain

    53 13

  3. Forked from antmicro/f4pga-arch-defs

    FOSS architecture definitions of FPGA hardware useful for doing PnR device generation.

    Jupyter Notebook 4 6

  4. Open Source FPGA toolchain and documentation for QuickLogic devices and eFPGA IP

    Dockerfile 32 8

  5. qorc-sdk Public

    Open source FreeRTOS SDK for EOS S3 MCU+eFPGA SoC including gateware, software and documentation under QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing (QORC) Initiative

    C 36 25

  6. zephyr Public

    Forked from antmicro/zephyr

    Primary GIT Repository for the Zephyr Project

    C 8 2



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