Expanding the catalog

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Expanding the catalog

Lyrics providers are located in com.geecko.QuickLyric.lyrics.*

Before you add a new provider

  • Make sure it's not redundant (we don't need 3 providers for Punk Music. One's enough)
  • Make sure the provider has either an API (that gives you either the lyrics or the webpage with the lyrics) or guessable URLs (e.g. "lyricswebsite.com/$artist/$track.html")

Good to go? Great!

Adding a new provider

Create a class in com.geecko.QuickLyric.lyrics.

  • It should be named after the provider.
  • It should have the GPLv3 disclaimer at the top.
  • It should (normally) not extend another class or implement an interface.
  • It should have a static final String field called "domain" that contains the domain of the website, if it applies.
  • It should have at least 2 static methods returning Lyrics: fromURL(url, artist, title) and fromMetaData(artist, title).
  • Both methods and the class should have the @Reflection annotation.

You can find a template fulfilling all conditions here: LyricsProviderTemplate.

The actual coding

Use JSoup if you're parsing from XML or HTML, use the built-in JSONObject classes if you're parsing JSON.

Important: if you're using JSoup, you should preferably use .userAgent(Net.USER_AGENT)

Document document = Jsoup.connect(url).userAgent(Net.USER_AGENT).get();

If all works out well, you should return a new Lyrics object with POSITIVE_FLAG containing the artist, the title, the text, the source and, if possible, the website URL.

If you get a connection or parsing error, return an empty Lyrics object with the ERROR flag

If the provider doesn't have the lyrics for the song, return NO_RESULT if it's totally absent and NEGATIVE_RESULT if you can tell it's been removed from the database.

When you're done

Submit a pull request and I'll integrate it in the app as I see fit (either as one of the main providers or as an option).

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