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quickpay-dotnet-client is a official client for QuickPay API. The Quickpay API enables you to accept payments in a secure and reliable manner.
This assembly currently support QuickPay v10 api.


via nuget


Before doing anything you should register yourself with QuickPay and get access credentials. If you haven't please click here to apply.

The base class

This client provides a base class for calling the QuickPay API, the base class is called `QuickPayRestClient.
The base class will set the correct headers and credentials for you to call the service.
The base class will also validate the response.
Furthermore a basic implementation of paging and sorting exists.

This base class can be used to call the api.

You can either create a class with the properties you need to get returned, see merchantexample.cs for examples of this.
Or you can simply return a dictionary from the service, for example of this please see pingexample.cs.
You can call the service async, please see pingexample.cs for an example of this.

The unit tests

To run the tests you need to set the corresponding environment variables, please see qpconfig.cs for more info.