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Standard Branding for QuickPay Payment Window

This repository contains the standard branding for the QuickPay Payment Window.

A branding is a collection of resources (templates, stylesheets, images etc.) which defines the UI. You can clone/copy this, adapt it to your liking and upload it to your merchant or reseller account at

Note: We use the Liquid template engine.


  • The total file size must be less than 1MB.
  • Is is not possible to add javascript or other programming languages.


The config.json file allows you to specify some arbitrary configuration. This can be fetched in the liquid templates using {% config.* %}.

Currently it supports:

  • title (string, default: null), when set, uses the value as HTML title in the payment window. Otherwise the merchant shop name is used.
  • enable_card_holder_field (boolean, default: false), adds "Card holder name" input field to the credit/debit card form.
  • enable_3d_card_field (boolean, default: false), adds a checkbox for letting card holder force 3D Secure on payment.
  • enable_prefill_name (boolean, default: false), prefills name for "Card holder name" input field to the credit/debit card form.
  • enable_amount_for_subscription (boolean, default: false), displays amount while creating the subscription.
  • autojump (boolean, default: false), makes the cursor autojump to the next field when entering card information.

The configuration can be access using a Liquid Drop config - example: {% if config.enable_3d_card_field %}

Example config file:

  "title": "My Webshop Inc.",
  "enable_card_holder_field": false,
  "enable_3d_card_field": false,
  "enable_prefill_name": false,
  "enable_amount_for_subscription": false,
  "autojump": true,
  "my_own_custom_key": "Access this value in a template with {% config.my_own_custom_key %}"

Language and Translation Translation status

Translation is handled using the well known and battle tested Gettext library which means that new languages and translations can easily be added.

If you want to contribute to the translation of this project, please ask our support team for an account with our online translation tool. The translation files can also be edited in any text-editor or using special editors like Poedit.

Translatable string are defined using the Liquid Tag t - example: {% t To be translated %}


The VERSION file specifies the branding version. This must correspond to one of the releases of this project.


To contribute:

  1. Fork, fix and submit a pull request
  2. World is now a better place! :)