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Stats Plugin for QSAdminGUI v2.0

Stats Plugin is a simple plugin written for QSAdmin of QuickServer. This will work with QuickServer v1.4.6 or above.

The directory structure needed for getting plugin loaded is given below

 +quickserver (installation dir)
     +Stats (folder to place all jars and plugin.xml files of Stats Plugin)

When QsAdmin GUI is stated it will look into any directory in "plugin" folder for any plugin and load it.

The plugin currently shows the following information when connected to a server

  • Client Meter: No of clients currently connected.
  • Memory Status: Shows the amount of memory used/total/max in KB.
  • Thread Object Pool: Shows the number of client thread in pool.
  • Data Object Pool: Shows the number of ClientData objects in pool. (This may not come up if the ClientData used in the server is not poolable)

Other Libraries Used

JFreeChart v 0.9.14 or later : A free Java class library for producing charts. License : GNU LGPL JCommon v 0.8.9 or later

License : GNU Lesser General Public License

Date : 15 Feb 2014

Copyright (C) 2003-2014