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trakt_tv_localization is a realy great site to search and track movies and tv shows. But it's english only! It's hard to identify movies / tv shows, if original and localized title differs.

This small script crawls the active site and tries to change titles to your prefered language. The additional data is loaded from TMDB (



  • On movies/tv shows overview:
    • Translates movie titles to choosen language
    • original title is displayed in brackets below
    • added TMDB Rating after Trakt Rating
  • On movie's/tv show's detail page:
    • Translates movie titles to choosen language
    • original title is displayed below localized title
    • localized plot is displayed below original plot
    • poster is localized
    • Trailers: Link to search on youtube for trailers in your language added in video section (below plot)
    • TMDB Rating added


  • At the top of the scriptfile there are two variables to configure your prefered language and enter your TMDB-Api-Key.
    • tmdb_api_key: Your TMDB-Api-Key (get it for free here:
    • language: language code to be used on TMDB
    • langtext: used in search query for localized Youtube Trailer

Known Issues:

  • TMDB allows 40 request every 10 seconds. Trakt's movies overview contains 38 movies. So be a bit patient and stay on each page at least 10 seconds ;). Multiple fetches in one request seems not to be possible. Ideas are welcome
  • Remember: Only the displayed titles are translated. It's not possible to search Trakt DB in other languages then English


Small greasemonkey/tampermonkey script to display localized titles of Movies



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