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Audit Reports

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Smart Contracts, Blockchain , DApps Audit Reports

Through our Automated and Manual analysis we provide complete solution to identify and determine vulnerabilities and violations of logic in the smart contract. QuillAudits considers the following distinct and crucial facets of the smart contract code: Whether the code is secure. Whether the code corresponds to the documentation (including whitepaper). Whether the code meets best practices in efficient use of gas, code readability, etc.


QuillAudits is a secure smart contract audits platform designed by QuillHash Technologies. It is a fully automated platform to verify smart contracts to check for security vulnerabilities through it's superior manual review and automated tools. We conduct both smart contract audits and penetration tests to find potential security vulnerabilities which might harm the platform's integrity.

Why is Security Audit Necessary?

Not all smart contracts are as “smart” as we think they are. Security is a critical issue in the case of smart contracts. Recent hacks of smart contracts escalated the matter. An audit from trustful third party is the most ingenuous way to identify bugs, vulnerabilities and security flaws in smart contracts which might have remained unnoticed at production level and if your smart contract is ready to deploy this will be the last chance to save your project from becoming another victim of crypto hacks because of irreversible nature of smart contracts.

Some common bugs in smart contracts that got funds worth millions of dollars stolen :

Reentrancy attack ( DAO Fiasco )

Ownership of the deployed contract (Oyster pearl attack, parity attack)

Overflow and underflow Conditions ( 2^256+1 = 0, 0-1 = 2^256 )

External Calls — Every external contract call is a risk(make sure all the internal work(state condition)is complete before calling external functions)

Timestamp Dependence

(If the contract function can tolerate a 15-second drift in time, it is safe to use block.timestamp)

Storage injection vulnerability in NEO Smart Contracts (which allows anyone to change the token’s total supply limit by transferring their own tokens to an unspecified address.)

Why Us ?

We at QuillAudits are a team of experienced Blockchain architects, developers and auditors following best in class security standards to secure your smart contracts. To deliver this level of service to our clients, we follow a rigorous process by not only find security risk or vulnerability in your smart contract, but also suggesting the best solution to overcome from those issues, individually deduced by our highly skilled auditors.

- Highly Experienced Blockchain Development & Security team.

- Intelligent In-house static analyser and formal verification Tools.

- Customized audit report with in-depth representation of each identified vulnerability.

- Bug Bounty Campaign.

- Long term Affiliation models.

- Free Consultancy to improve architecture and save gas usage with free Re-evaluation after initial bug fixing.

- Best in class pricing models.