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Basic Crowdsale smart contract in EOS
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Basic Crowdsale smart contract in EOS. We will be issuing QUI token in exchange for SYS token of eosio.token contract after applying the rates. One can configure for the rates in config.h file that applies on the token after the crowdsale gets over.

Run the test cases

  1. Locate both the files in your contract directory.
  2. Run python3 EOSCrowdsale/tests/

Actions in Crowdsale smart contract

ACTION init(eosio::name recipient, eosio::time_point_sec start, eosio::time_point_sec finish);

To initialize the crowdsale with name of recipient (account which will manage the crowdsale, pause the campaign or withdraw the EOS collected ):

ACTION buyquill(eosio::name from, eosio::name to, eosio::asset quantity, std::string memo);

To transfer the tokens from account from to the account to. It is redirected to “handle_investment” method where token transfer is managed & multi index table and states are managed. Fees can be charged in here. The deposits table in the smart contract is also updated.

ACTION transfer(eosio::name from, eosio::name to, eosio::asset quantity, std::string memo);

To transfer the QUI tokens from account from to the account to. The quilltoken contract holding all the QUI balances gets updated.

ACTION withdraw()

To withdraw all the EOS once the goal is achieved or the finish time set while initialising is passed by. It can be called by recipient only.

ACTION pause(); 

To avoid any discrepancies that may be present and for safety measure, crowdsale can be paused by the recipient at any moment of time. It acts as a toggle function so can be unpaused by calling the same action.

TABLE deposits

It holds all the account holders and their QUI they received for contributing for the crowdsale.

Note: To buy QUI tokens, you need to call the transfer action of quilltoken and send the SYS to the crowdsaler account.
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